Basketball Card Market CRASHING??? Football Cards SPIKING? What's Next?



The basketball card market finally decided to cool off a bit. However, football cards are spiking. What does it all mean and how can you navigate the changing card market to find good investments? Listen in.

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  1. Jose Andrade says

    I think there are a few factors at play here that explain why prices are going down. 1) folks have spent most of their stimulus $! 2) people are moving towards Football and leaving basketball for now. 3) the utility bills and normal expenses are coming back…(no more skipping payments on car notes due to covid) etc….. if folks get some more stimulus money then we will see another jump I guarantee it 🙂

  2. Ralph Williams says

    Not a new comment but jus buy off season of course football cards are going up. He said Soccer n Hockey??? Who the hell buys those I wouldn't have a clue

  3. Alain Gutierrez says

    I’ve always been investing most of my money on older soccer cards like Messi which have been holding their prices unlike the newest ones. Soccer leagues are kicking off again and there’s some interesting rookies to look at and who could go up in value even if short term.

  4. P Ner says

    This is the only market that I wish it would be in a bear market😂

  5. envy diz says

    That's because basketball season is almost over, it happens every year it's nothing new.

  6. Ace Boogie says

    I just collect for the fun. Like back in the day.

  7. Jack L says

    I think there are a lot of teenagers who moved over from selling sneakers and then random people just sell random things who have no real interest in sports like you and I. And for these people who aren't in a position to hold products they rush sell because of borrowing parents money or just not willing to hold a card. I see it all over Twitter and offerup and local apps every day.

  8. David French says

    Just dumb. The market didnt come back up till they announced the return of the nba…. i love how he leaves this out.. and the basketball market probably wont come up again untill they announce the next nba season..


    I invest in players I don't like & collect players I do like. If I make money doing it, great, but I mostly do it to get cards I really want.

  10. Shaun Sweeney says

    It's going to be even easier when people stop collecting all together!

  11. HabsBroncos 13 says

    crash…. you know this is recency bias … NFL starting its season is hot product… NBA season wrapping up and market is crashing lol. This is the type of hysteria that the sports card market doesnt need. ITS CALLED AN OFFSEASON … it happens every year! Thought someone that is so informed would know that!

  12. Revi Raymund Mayuyu says

    The surge in prices of basketball cards was unbelievable. And many old timers said that it seemed unsustainable. A tipping point is inevitable as prices bordered to the illogical. That tipping point is happening now. If you look at the trends before, players who are playing in the playoffs receive a lot of hobby love. But right now, sales for several hold over players such as LeBron (Lakers uniform) or even AD have declined. Why? Because prices before were absurd and illogical. These can only go down. Its not about the NFL opening coinciding with the NBA’s playoffs. Its more like “investors” realizing that they made a mistake in their predictions that prices will forever hold.

  13. Cory Sutton says

    Good! I cant wait for the total collapse and breaks every single one you “investors” i.e. Flippers and Card Breakers you have single handily ruined the Hobby! Shelves completely empty for months, LCS struggling to keep their doors open, all due to greed! You could careless for the Hobby, the art of collecting, these last few months will bring in Junk Wax Era 2.0!

  14. Curtis Coenen says

    ‚ I believe the card prices will increase again because I BELIEVE the market wont crash.‘ No facts – you only talk because you want to say something. Dont act like you are a professional just because you can spent as much as you want. Your suggestions are not for people with small budgets. Your portfolio wont crash but many others.

  15. grant taoda says

    BLM crashed the market they keep it up they will have no fans, GTF out of the USA NBA and go to China. Where your masters live.

  16. David Martin says

    Who ? Gee I don’t know maybe all the virtue signaling and propaganda basketball players spew from their ignorant mouths

  17. Big Hitter Collectors' Bubble Gum N' Sports Cards says

    I dont understand or like the fact that sports cards rise and fall in value so quickly

  18. Marcawesome says

    I get the sense you haven’t been collecting very long.

  19. ybarra1966 says

    Guys moved into football. Same guys collect basketball and baseball and football. They are chasing a profit. Nothing wrong with that.

  20. ybarra1966 says

    Buy on the dip, baby! Dollar cost averaging, like any investment. If you believe in an NBA player, buy him on the dip. The season will start in December. Not too far away.

  21. Carolina Tarheels says

    People are panicking because they took a second mortgage out on their house to buy everything this year in hopes of making it big. They just tried not to miss the boat from last year and now they are paying for it. I bought all my Prizm and Optic at retail last year and $10 Lukas are now $400 Lukas so I'm not out a boatload of money.

  22. Lanny Dante says

    With the bull crap BLM being shoved down our throats I stopped buying BB cards.

  23. Lanny Dante says

    Doncic cards are on fire!!!!

  24. Alex says

    Flair Showcase 96-97 will always be my favourite set. I understand it's a business for some, but for me personally it's about the memories. I miss collecting cards in the 90's 😄

  25. TravisNamasté says

    It’s because basketball is too political- football will drop too

  26. Ben Cary says

    The correction around 3/20 was also due to the uncertainty of the economic and people not spending money as much as it was the nba paused.


    All the big names are suffering big losses in price. They are dropping on average of 30-40% and some even more, some less. The darling of the bubble D. Lillard has dropped close to 60%. Those are huge drops. Sucks when flippers run out of people to flippers to sell over priced cards to. Things like this are kill the hobby. People get pissed and discouraged about their loses and leave the hobby. It happens in every boom and bust collectibles hobby high. I hope this doesn't happen but only time will tell

  28. Brandon Jones says

    Does anyone collect anymore?

  29. josh robbins says

    My brother just created an app called CardScanApp that is available on the App Store. It allows the user to scan the back of their sports cards and simultaneously pulls up prices from the internet to let you know the value of the card. It also allows you to save your card with a picture of it and the price at which your card is currently going for. It's a really unique app and is going to change the sports card market. Go check it out!

  30. Chace says

    BUY THE DIP????????

  31. Jaime Perez says

    What’s up must come down and what’s down must come up it’s a reset because of Covid but then again it’s also a cycle

  32. Samuel Satterfield says

    There’s a massive issue in the hobby when rookies on bad teams are worth as much as the legends. There’s no real room for growth in their value because they were already being priced as if they were in the hall of fame already.

  33. Roman Rios says

    I have not heard anyone talking about autographed sports cards that were autographed after the fact. I see that lots of autographed cards from the factory are worth a lot. what about certified autographed cards signed after the fact, are they worth as much.

  34. Jay Steel says

    Who dumped the ice water on basketball?? That’s obvious. Politics. And the NFL will inevitably follow regardless of the immediate spike…I’ve already sold my Lebron rookies and prizms and got a fraction of what I would have gotten a year ago

  35. Mark reuben says

    Giannis has really hurt the Basketball card market!

  36. The meme Factory says

    Great info but I feel like anyone who might have some pull or influence on thousands of people shouldn’t use this kind of dramatic clickbait title. I get it, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns but newer people back in the hobby may not see it as calmly as vets do.

  37. Mr Right Wing says

    I see a lot of people not liking how players are pooping on our country one knee at a time. Never mind painting terrorists organizations on courts and on billboards. If you didn’t know who Anthony Davis was Damian Lillard and every other basketball player you would have a hard time when everyone’s name is equality and fight racism

  38. Ripping. Cards says

    Do you think sekou is a good investment

  39. Sidney Styles says

    How does one "exit" the market in sports cards?

  40. Ben_Dery 4 says

    I understand you are more of an investor than a collector, but I have to ask. It must be sooo hard to keep all that product in the back unopened XD

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