Basketball County: In The Water | Official Trailer


BASKETBALL COUNTY: In The Water tells the story of Prince George’s County, Md. and how it recently produced more elite basketball players than anywhere else in the world. The film is executive produced by NBA players Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, and Quinn Cook, all of whom grew up in the county.

The documentary premieres Friday, May 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME

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  1. JCB says

    Right Here Next to PG. Mo. County.

  2. Kana Beats says

    dang this looks good!

  3. Mitch says

    All this is because of the recruiting in high school base off AAU .In my days you played for your local school and had to prove your school was the best Not stacked with your rival. Now the table are stacked for private school to recruit like the college and the NBA. Exploitering player at a young age to form together bring player from other states , McGrady, V Carter from Florida played in VA .Steve Jackson from TX, Stackhouse from NC played in MD . Kareem stayed home played with White kids from the neighborhood and still won on all levels.


    EasyMoney #KD53-7

  5. brick money says

    Bamma really acting like Pg that I remember when DC was fully operational. The real Chocolate City . All the neighborhoods and projects were up. The culture comes from the City and goes out into Maryland. Go-go was a big part of that . If Dc don’t stamp you , you don’t get a stamp. After 2007 you started seeing Uptown gentrified little by little. By 2010 half the city lived in Pg and Moco. 2012 was the last year I could say it was Chocolate city. You got city niggas that moved to md and you got niggas who lived out md their whole life. Uptown 4 life. Dc niggas treat KD like he from the block, when it come to athletes it never mattered where you stayed. Music I admit has been different with the rap and gogo . Gogo music has never been the same since DC was gentrified and they moved go go clubs out md.

  6. Daron Smith says

    As a Bmore resident with close ties to PG , I’m glad they finally getting there due ..: the talent down there is sick …. u just see the ones going to the league … the ones who don’t make it is just as nice ???

  7. PG HS Sports says

    Thanks Kevin for all that you do for Prince Georges County!

  8. Cran1md90 says

    Anyone know the song in the background towards the end?

  9. Joanne Albarina says

    You are my idol in basketball a legend

  10. ace jojo says

    We do all Sports ? ? that’s what we do!

  11. Mike 6321 says

    MD stand up DMV ???

  12. Max Power says

    This should be called Cook County. As in Chicago metropolitan area. We put more players in the league than wherever they raise people who got burner social media accounts

  13. Malachi says

    I’m from district heights!!!!

  14. Dr. Seria Lakes says

    Proud to be from PG! Looking forward to this…

  15. Пока все Дома says

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    Многие из них Выросли на Воде
    и хрен знает чем
    Так что Тищенко
    свою свинью
    Кушай сам
    С Димочкой он добавит Хлебушка
    и всеми остальными Олями Русланками
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    Кушайте ребята

  16. Maurice Dole says


  17. Niko Gambino says


  18. Amina says

    Can't wait for this to come out!

  19. deon harris says

    man please they better do a joint on dc players

  20. Michael Eyob says

    Can't wait

  21. S. Shephard says


  22. Water Bottle273 says

    Sup ?

  23. Paul Gudde Basketball says

    Damn okay…???

  24. PAH says

    "Basketball is my favorite sport. I like the way they dribble up and down the court" K.Blow

    SETON Basketball
    DeMatha Basketball; Coach Wootten
    UMD MENS & WOMENS Basketball; Cole Field House; FINAL FOUR

  25. Brandon Penn says

    Kd,why wouldn't you watch, I'm just sayin, 35

  26. Derrick Jones says

    Dudes from PG county are just cut from a different cloth…. Can’t explain it. We needed this.

  27. Pre Got Beats says

    Looks dope

  28. talljib says

    I remember going to school in bmore and watching the rivalry between the DC dudes, the pg dudes and the Baltimore dudes. Dudes took it hella serious. Lol

  29. Good Sports Evening says


  30. Big Shootah says

    Thank you ????

  31. 陈思源 says

    but i love AW

  32. Deidre Green says

    DO Y'all remember when Keriara Peeler stole my money James sent me threw the mail when I was broke and homeless ???️???? COULD YALL DO SOMETHING TERRIBLE AND HORRIBLE TO HER AND DOUG ?️????????????️THEY SAW HOW THE WHITE PEOPLE WOULDN'T LET ME GET A JOB OR PLACE TO STAY ?️?️??????️

  33. Debaprita Roy says

    Kd great

  34. Jackson Bowers says

    But this on Hulu or Netflix

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