Basketball is Back


Shout out to DiGiorno for Sponsoring this Video!

Basketball is coming back and you can’t enjoy hoops with delivery. Gotta get yourself some @DiGiorno with that fresh-baked taste with MO CHEESE straight from your oven ?? !!!

Find of where to buy ?

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  1. None Yours says

    Where is Chuck? I didn't hear about no Chuck. What did Chuck say?

  2. The Real Don Dada says

    Spice has to much fun by himself. ? ?

  3. Q Adams says

    That DiGiorno Supreme Rising Crust IS the business tho

  4. paulina oko-baro says

    Never had a digiornos because I'm the UK but I wanna try it

  5. Justin Moore says

    I dance while I'm eating too. ???

  6. Diablotiamo88 says

    This is transparent.

  7. Luna Ami says

    How are you going to ascertain a soirée with out bringing the DiGiorno?

  8. Jay Belafonte says

    This needs to be on TV

  9. Natural Queen says

    Ahaha Digiorno ❤

  10. Aaron madazz Morgan says

    I take it that pizza taste good!?

  11. Renato’s Belgiüm says


  12. WizManBallin says

    Sorry Spice, but I make my OWN pizza…during NBA season…lol!

  13. Phil Lynch says


  14. Jimboy Donayre says

    watching here in Philippines

  15. smdavies davies says

    You Spice… better get your name on the ballot for November. the current options ain't looking good… you got this!

  16. Chris Da Crisis says

    DiGiorno owes him a fat ass check for this video.

  17. Jo Anne Hall says

    Who passed the oven mit tho? ???Why did they not get any pizza?Lol

  18. BoOgey B says


  19. phobos2k2 says

    "Psyyyyyyych!! "

    "Oh you guys, you had me! Ahahaha… whatcha say now Chuck?!"

  20. ace fernandez says

    This man need more subscribers** he put in work, hella consistent?

  21. Ms V says

    ? ?? and ? ? ?

  22. Alexandro Flores says

    SHIIIIIIIIIIT bout to get buy some rn

  23. Space Rain says

    Dang not gonna lie that pizza looks good tgi

  24. Griffin Perley says

    How’d you do a basketball video with creme e. Biggums

  25. Ross Grover says

    "Oh you guys.." ????

  26. jareef dowell says

    I bought some digornio after watching this. Got that deep pan from Kroger.

  27. immasoxfanbaby says

    Lock my self in to eat dat slice. Lol. Funny snacks

  28. CUUL says

    This is not an ad

  29. Jhabari Owens says

    Nice story arc for the delivery guy lol

  30. antonio griffin says

    That instrumental though!!!

  31. El Tristé says


  32. Linkx16 says

    I already got mine I bought at buy by bulk store

  33. Cng215 says

    Buddy standing on the counter though would've got put out -_-

  34. Dragonzord85 says

    Getting some of that DiGiorno money with their cardboard box tasting pizza

  35. reddolfan99 says

    “Oh you guys…”

  36. Mike Jones says

    DiGiorno ?. Get it Spice

  37. Rusty Shackelford says

    Not gonna lie, but I think digiorno sucks.

  38. Vader3000 says

    You lost some weight bro

  39. Vader3000 says

    Spice, you in Chicago bro… not Digiorno lol

  40. Tom J says

    Idc that this is an ad spice u funny as hell

  41. J R says

    lmao…. good to see the homie getting that advertisement paper.. keep rising king!

  42. AlMackX says

    Hold on… I was lead astray!!????

  43. SHADOW says

    The Spiceman yells DiGiorno's!!!!!!!! Then does the breakdance move at 0:06 seconds

  44. Con Orion says

    Not gonna lie, them DiGiorno pizzas hit! I had one yesterday and usually I don’t like frozen pizzas( only ones I like are frozen ones from pizza spots) I was begging my sister for another slice?

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