Behind story of the KBS entertainment award [The Return of Superman/2020.01.19]


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  1. Rachelle :3 says

    40:40 i was half-expecting william to say buzz lol

  2. Abby Masengi says

    Jooho is having more fun than the kids

  3. Luisa Victoria Flores Gamboa says

    I really like hammington family ???

  4. Bangtan Army TV says

    I don't know but everytime I see Bentley I remember D.O from exo..????

  5. phoenix dactilyfera says

    After watching this twice, I just found out that Bang pd was TROS's pd ?. It's proper to have seen her. ?

  6. luna moon says

    I miss Nauen and Gunhoooo

  7. Thi Dinh says

    I really thought that at 9:22 Jooho actually came with Naeun and Gunhoo

  8. chriskie07 says

    I’ve watched all my babies grow and I’ve watched new babies on this show. I could of had my own babies by now! lol but here I am still alone and loving this show!!! Pls don’t ever leave! Best show ever!

  9. Tayya Ru says

    I wonder if yang hoah was there jamjam would be so happy ☺️

  10. Kyla Mae says

    hyang mi!!! <3

  11. nadira says

    41:30 cameramen losing their shit laughing at Ben ??

  12. Madhuri S Rao says

    KBS get a category for Best Food Fighter at the award show. We know whose gonna be the winner?

  13. Jenny Marcellia_kim says

    Jam jam so cute

  14. bryceyana lavina says

    what about HAO jam jam

  15. COY FILM says

    I would love bts to be a guest in this show. If ever seungjae and sian are still in the show they would love it with yeonwoo.

  16. ikisouu c: says

    jam jam be stealing everyones heart its adorable

  17. Ma Na says

    Que lindos estos bebés…..?

  18. Amber Curtis says

    I’m sooooo glad that Sam happily lets William wear the Elsa costume

  19. Mary Grace says

    Two days One Night, FunStaurant, TROS all in one clip! Feat Smiley Bang! HAHAHA

  20. Potion Potion says

    Jam Jam is so famous among boys. What would be Hao reaction for this? ?

  21. Christine Dowd says

    We love Sam and Na eun


    Why is not English subtitle in this episode, why. Please show this episode with English subtitle. I don't know korean and I want to see this ???

  23. Ratna Wati says

    Masih setia menanti naeun . . Semoga cepat tampil

  24. MoMoRing무무 says

    In 27:01 I thought dam bi is with heechul I wish heechul apair in the return of Superman

  25. Charm Jermia says

    I started to watch TROS , haru and tablo, then sarang.. , then 3triplets, then sian and his 4 big sister , the seungae, bently and William now I'm still addicted because of gunhoo and naeun. Now the old member are Hamilton families. I'm waiting gunhoo and neaun .???

  26. Marianne dela Cuesta says

    The camera man losing it at Bentley with the milk is my spirit animal

  27. sad superhuman says

    омг это лучшее шоу ?? плачу ?? thx for this show ? this is the only thing that makes me smile and laugh in this hard to me ? thank you soo much!1!1!????

  28. Bae Pema says

    Hammington and naeun family are the most reason y they got award. So plz let them stay for long time.

  29. Trâm Anh Phạm says

    The first couple? Who are they?

  30. Minah Kim says

    Will-sa and Ben-laf LOL

  31. ;myunuo says

    I miss naeun and gunhoo aaaaa

  32. Prince NOÑARAM says

    I wish Seungjae is here?

  33. black white heart says

    Bts fire


    Why every episode has not English subtitle, what about those who does not know korean. I don't know so what I do and I want to see this show please give this with e'glish subtitle. Please all episode with english subtitle ???


    Why is not English subtitle in this episode, why. ????I want to see this. Miss you ben and williom.

  36. Dinda R. Syafirdaus says

    damnn, i want my man like yeonwoo? ahaha

  37. ALISA Bosconovitch807 says

    Ngl i was excited when i saw jooho but its still different without naeun and gunhoo huhu pls comwback to the show????

  38. Jake Lucas says

    Wailllam you i love you

  39. Christian Fenol says

    i don't know why i'm here but i kinda like it tho.

  40. jeon huening says

    I ❤ U ben and jam jam?

  41. sli nure says


  42. bae. b.i. says

    Gosh Yeonwoo is a gentleman

  43. Putri Aliza says

    I feel like I’ve seen yeonwoo before but idk where

  44. Hyun Jo Nam says

    It will never be same without 5 sibling

  45. malu nair says

    I want haoh here for jam jam!!!!

  46. Thi Dinh says

    44:37 I cringed instead of laughing

  47. Thi Dinh says

    Was I the only one laughing at 0:30
    K B ICE

    29:20 should I laugh or keep quiet

    Jooho has 2 cutouts of Naeun and Gunhoo

    William: Dad eats while he’s watching TV

  48. Aimi Nadhirah says

    Where’s Gary and his son?

  49. bekti utami says

    45:22 william be like big boss ?

  50. Margaret Areno says

    Jooho tho ?

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