Behind The Scenes | First Ever Biosecure Behind-Closed-Doors Cricket Match | England v Windies 2020


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Find out how cricket returned and all the behind the scenes work that went in to finally start our cricketing summer.

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  1. muntzar hussain says

    Thankss frm Lahore Pakistan

  2. deepak kumar says

    cricket in BIO-SECURE bubble….

  3. Hanzala Sheikhani says

    Good work by ecb. Happy to see Players in action again. Desperately waiting for EngVsPak series.
    Hats off to English management and also credit goes to WI and Pak team for visiting the nation which is highly effected by this pandemic.

  4. sai Ki says

    Really hatsoff to England and WI for playing this match in the pandemic situation. Special congratulations to ICC and ECB for such arrangements ??

  5. Maulik Madhavi says

    Test match should be ok as it is day match. No night match shld happen as to save electricity

  6. Hubert Cumberdale says

    STOP complying with the new world order

  7. Vazir Vazir says

    Hi CD.V. My Gurdean Shouting me,

  8. Mohd Arham says

    Thank you ECB

  9. Debraj das says

    Great England peoples

  10. AKSPEDIA says

    Current World ODI 11 ?️
    Shai Hope ( Wk ) ?
    Rohit Sharma (VC)?
    Virat Kohli (C) ?
    Babar Azam ?
    Eoin Morgan ?
    Ben stokes ?
    Rashed Khan?
    Kuldeep Yadav ?
    Mohammad Shami ?
    Michelle Starc ?
    Trent Boult?

  11. cricSticklers says

    stokes captaincy was not as good as his batting bowling

  12. Prakash Goswami says

    IAm missing stokes ,archer and root ?
    Plese England and wales cricket board only twenty likes in my comment??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤you are king of cricket ???

  13. Ujjwal Ghoshal says

    Johny broastr

  14. Daniel Smith says

    They have all become Handsome in The Lockdown

  15. Mohd Moin says

    so nice

  16. Hudson Jaxson II says

    Joelle root on the thumbnail.

  17. furious and sensible technology says

    Whether West Indies has won the first test but it is the win of cricket and sportsmen's ship and the whole world. Because coming from this global crises was a big challenge and reopening of cricket was a thing . Thank you

    England and Wales cricket board

  18. Hassan Cricket says

    this man voice is similar to mickey arthur

  19. Sneha Ekka says

    Just a normal flu why They Are giving Depopulation vaccine !

  20. Born Win says

    Hat's of ecb. Love from india

  21. Basic Learnings says

    Well done ecb

  22. TAWHID MAHMUD says

    Who is the very powerful team
    2. West Winddes Comment

  23. Paul Tech says

    Happy to see Again Joe Root

  24. 3 Princesses says

    Im a huge fan of England cricket team and watching them is so entertaining! However i feel there is some slight unfairness from the top….
    Moeen Ali had one bad game in ashes and he has been ridiculed to this day! Yet What did Leach do when he came in as a replacement!.. nothing… but yet the ☝️ run he made in the ashes, look how that is to be such a big achievement!
    This last match against West Indies Dom Bess what did he do?!?… got 2 wickets in 2 innings and yet nothing negative about him apart from the pitch did not assist spinners. If that was Moeen Ali it would have been England lost because of him! Moeen Ali said himself hes made to be a scapegoat and i will be frank the only reason he is made to be a scapegoat is because he is a Muslim with a beard!
    Im not using the racecard but all that i will say is look at Moeens history and how he is complimented compared to somebody who does half of what he does but is on a pedestal #open your mind

  25. roger ashar says

    Still without crowd its gonna be a financial disaster …just some cricket at end of the day for tv viewers.

  26. NoobMaster 69 says

    Thank you England and west indies ❤️

  27. Muba Dj says

    Welcome back Root in England Team

  28. Ayyaz Jatoi says


  29. ANGESH KUMAR says

    Tremendous Job England and West indies ????

  30. Syed Ali Iqbal says

    Thumbs up to the ECB for maintaining the bio-secure environment after the collective efforts of West Indian Cricket Board as well and side by side all the players and on-field umpires are to be credited here.

  31. AJ123 says

    A south african in charge of the ECB…why am I not surprised? No wonder half the England team are from South Africa…

  32. Rajeev Reddy says

    Great work by ECB

  33. THE DESTROYER says

    Corrupted BCCI can't do anything

  34. Chandan Bose says

    England did it,,????

  35. Guru Gowda says

    This westeindies idiot should have lean down and show respect for the plp died due to virus , but this plp r more racist then any plp and egocentric to make a plp lean for BLM , sad day in cricket

  36. Washek Mia says


  37. Nahid Vlogz says

    Cricket is my love ❤❤ thnx ECB for bringing back ?

  38. Raja Nembang says

    really really great work by ecb appreciated you did great job for resuming cricket

  39. Preetam Banarjee says

    It's a really really emotional video. I think it's the indomitable desire of human race to come of out any adversity makes us different from others. Thanks to ECB to make this happen and to give hope to the world that it will be normal again. I salute the courage of Mr Phil Simmons and team without whom it would not have been possible. God bless.

  40. Shivam Vishwakarma says

    Respect to west Indies team and management to let Cricket to us…we respect you and lot of love to you, and that 1st test was breathtaking no doubt…

  41. J D says

    Such a hypocrite Team
    Imagine if West Indies cricket board invited English Cricket Team to go to West Indies and play test cricket then they will never go There to play cricket

  42. Sauurabh Tiwari says

    Where is bcci

  43. Nirmal Shah says

    Last international season for Jimmy Anderson? He is 13 wicket shy of becoming first fast bowler in the history of cricket to take 600 test wickets.

  44. Rain Tree says

    England country first lauch criket…….after covid 19 first paying cricket England…..

  45. Raisul Rasel says

    Love & Respect from Bangladesh ???

  46. Michael G says

    Make England great again

  47. arjun mohanan says

    The comment box is full of indians ????????????

  48. arjun mohanan says

    Root will be my dream11 captain in the 2nd test. ❤

  49. arjun mohanan says

    Root will be my dream11 captain in the 2nd test. ❤

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