Best Catches in Cricket History! Best Acrobatic Catches! PART-2 (Please comment the best catch)


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1. Best Catches in Cricket History! Best Acrobatic Catches! PART-1

2.Best Catches in Cricket History! Best Acrobatic Catches! PART-2 (Please comment the best catch)

3. Best Acrobatic Fielding! Flying Fielders Saving boundary

4. Sachin Super Angry on Henry Olonga Want to Smash Every ball

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6. Cricket Injuries – 3 players injured in 1 ball – You might not see it again !!

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8. Most FUNNIEST & UNLUCKIEST moment in the Cricket History Ever

9. What’s David Miller doing to the ball After taking a Brilliant Catch

10. DHONI FIRED UP on Australia after THEY HIT HIM TWICE

11. UNBELIEVABLE finish to a Cricket Match – LAST TWO OVERS

12. UNBELIEVABLE finish to a Cricket Match – PART – 2 !!

13. UNBELIEVABLE finish to a Cricket Match – PART – 3 !!

14. UNBELIEVABLE finish to a Cricket Match – PART – 4 !! LAST OVER

15. Sachin Tendulkar on Beast Mode – PART-2 !! Most Aggressive Batting VS NZ !!

16. UNBELIEVABLE finish to a Cricket Match – PART – 5 !!

17. Sour Gangly DADA on Beast Mode !! 3 SIXES – 3 LOST BALLS !!

18. MS DHONI on Beast mode VS PAKISTAN !!

19. BEST Compliment for SACHIN Ever by SEHWAG !!

20. UNTOLD Story by Sehwag about Australians Sledging SACHIN !!

21. GAUTAM GAMBHIR gave his Man of Match Award to VIRAT KOHLI !!

22. SEHWAG on BEAST MODE !! MUST WATCH – Smashed all 6 Balls !!


24. DHONI IN Ball OUT !! MS DHONI POWER !! Hit 1st ball for Six

25. DHONI vs Michael CLARKE, Almost Chopped his HAND !! DHONI POWER !!

26. Sehwag on Best Mode – Hit Fastest Century – India Won by 10 Wickets

27. 21 OF 2 BALLS !! – Sehwag vs Pakistan !!

28. WHY Haddin Played this Shot VS Shoaib Akhtar?? Plz comment your thoughts !!

28. 5 YEAR OLD Playing Final !! WORLD RECORD !! Will he be the NEXT SACHIN ?

29. Sourav Ganguly DADA Epic reply to Stuart Broad’s Sledging !!

30. SACHIN vs McGrath – This is Why We call SACHIN – GOD OF CRICKET ( He reply with BAT )

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  1. CricketCloud says

    Hi Guys,
    Hope you like this on too – #10 Best Acrobatic Catches Ever Taken in the History of Cricket – Can you rate them No.10 – No.1 ?

  2. Ananya Minihas says

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  3. Kishan Giri says

    6:54 Ponting also claimed a catch & rest is history..

  4. Kishan Giri says

    4:58 kaif was close enough to hospitalize his teammate

  5. Cricketer says
  6. Evilness Ara Gaming says

    U r a pakisthani right that wise I saw any video pakisthani players will be top right

  7. Shashwat Pandey says

    Where is Jadeja Catches ?

  8. imrul kayes says

    The catch of TAMIM IQBAL from BANGLADESH

  9. huzaifa virk says

    shahid afridi and dj bravo



  11. md azim says

    MS Dhoni 1st wicket in his career..
    Watch it:

  12. Tricky Freaky says

    In talk about #Fielding where is #yuvi??

  13. Ahil raja says

    the 2nd catch was superb

  14. Durgaprasad Reddy says

    Sachin ???❤️

  15. ramachandra reddy says

    Very good cathes

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  17. Saranga Madhupriya says
    Best catch of kusal mendis ??

  18. Harshi Bala says

    Best of India! India! India! India! Indiaaaaaaaaaaaa is best

  19. md.shakil ahmed shakil says

    tamim excellent

  20. Nannie Cotton says
  21. Ranjit Lal says

    Muhammad kaif great feeder

  22. Sanjay Kumar Ray says

    Bravo has done well done catch

  23. Spanish with DIVA ESPAÑOL CON DIVA says like share and subscribe

  24. ಜೀವಿ ಎನ್ says


  25. Mintu. Singh says

    Bravo excellent

  26. Mintu. Singh says

    Best catch dj bravo

  27. Super Crazy List says

    Top 25 Most Amazing Catches in Cricket History –

  28. DSJ Group says


  29. Tawsiful Hossen Sajid says


  30. Nizzu Neshu says

    Indian superb catches

  31. Nizzu Neshu says
  32. Nizzu Neshu says
  33. Shera Woodbury says

    Love it

  34. PRASANTA GURU says


  35. Suraj Kumar says


  36. The Great facts says

    Bahut harb

  37. Farooque Buledi Official HTV says

    Great effort

  38. Aman Gaur says


  39. m.a Jabbar says

    2d not Out

  40. samsung frp says

    Srilankan are best ????

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