Best CHEAP 4G Android 10 Tablet Of 2020! Alldocube iPlay 20 Review


Alldocube iPlay 20 Review the best 2020 Android 10 tablet tested. It has 4G dual SIM with LTE bands 20/28, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Octacore SoC, MicroSD support, GPS, 3.5mm jack, FM Radio, a bright fully limited 1920 x1200 IPS. $114.99 USD with coupon BGiplay20TH here:

The best budget mini PC tested:

00:00 – Intro & spec
00:59 – Unboxing
01:37 – Build & design
03:26 – Screen
05:10 – Android 10, benchmarks & performance
08:48 – Youtube & 16:9 content
09:18 – Voice calls, audio & loudspeaker sample
10:21 – PDF files and eBooks
11:31 – Gaming performance (COD & Mobile legends)
12:21 – Front camera sample
12:54 – Recap with Pros & Cons

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  1. TechTablets says

    Sorry people, I said the screen was 200 nits no idea why I did but it's 470 Nits max brightness I measured. I was thinking normally they are 200-300 nits but not this one. The screen is great in this one.

  2. Bro Den says

    This unisoc processor performance is very sketchy.

  3. almost christian says

    what's your mobile legends user name?

  4. William Hart says

    Thanks chris looks like decent bang for your dollar

  5. KeepitMelo 41 says

    text and call feature?

  6. SYABi79 says

    Is there gesture navigation in this Rom?

  7. 主權人 Zhǔquán rén says

    Would be amazing to see a video of this tablet installed/flashed with LineageOS or other 3rd party privacy-focused OSes.

  8. Steve Pedersen says

    Can you make calls with a bluetooth headset ?

  9. Joel Dong-Joe Suh says

    How's the ram management when multitasking, I'm actually really considering getting this tablet

  10. Johnny Syncs says

    Yeah. It's been awhile. Thanks for reviewing this. Any updates for Mi Pad 5 5g?

  11. Muneer Ahmad says

    Hey chris, can you please confirm one thing for me about this chipset, i have been asking about it everywhere but no reliable answer, the chipset unisoc sc9863a, does it support 1080p x265 10bit video playback or not, can you please check that and other playback videos like 4k 10 bit etc.

    thank you

  12. Tomer Ben David says

    possible to use stylus with it?

  13. Job Offer says

    Cameras are better than on macbook pro

  14. Norman says

    How is it this cheap. Lol

  15. Apolo says

    Hey! Would you say that this tablet is kinda useful for university students? Thanks for the review!

  16. wilhelmvonkox says

    Can anyone recommend any good case for this tablet?

  17. Jerry RR LOTR says

    Can consider Teclast T30 if anyone interested in gaming tablet. With a Helio P70 soc chipset. Cost about SGD $255.

  18. Giorgos Kalamidas says

    This tablet is a great deal i have to say just one tip, i couldn't find any option relevant to gestures as i love them in Android 10, so what i did was to type ”navigat” to the settings' search bar, then the navigation option came up and i successfully swapped to gestures navigation mode.

  19. Aminath Sazla says

    Hey , can it support Fortnite

  20. Ṩteᶂaη M͓̽eḯer͓̽ says

    MHL / DP alt out / usb to HDMI someone tried already?

  21. Miguel Silva says

    I ordered this one for my 4yo girl, (she has been using a Teclast P80x that died) still didn't receive it, but I've noticed there is a new Blackview Tab 8 that has the same specs as this iplay 20, I just wonder if the blackview will ever get some update (unlike this Alldocube)…

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