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  1. ThatWalker says

    Youtube being Youtube. 360p isn't my fault obviously.

    It'll fix itself. hopefully

  2. Charlie Sheppard says

    This is good

  3. Valerie Odubasa says


  4. Rocco Ross says

    #20 sicks ass

  5. Ford Eubanks says

    I went to the second best class B team in Nebraska lmao.

  6. tjmick1992 says

    The dumb this is Fitchburg Wisconsin doesn't have any schools

  7. Joshua Brown says

    I looked up your team and stats. It's pretty cool you played. What happened to your team though? No disrespect but your team was 12-2 your freshmen year, 6-5 sophomore and junior years, and 5-6 your senior year. I'm not hating, I;m curious because when I played high school football, our varsity records we had were 2-9, 5-5, 4-6, and 3-7. However our JV team went 5-4, 9-1, 8-2, and 6-3. Was the play calling the issue? To me, it was that for my team plus our coaches not knowing how to utilize the talent around them.

  8. KDG Mason says

    Ayeeeee Wisconsin

  9. Michael Clendennin Music says

    I played at Camden Central High School in Camden, TN. We have been in the playoffs for the last 11 years straight, but sadly no state titles. The deepest we made it was 3rd round of the playoffs.

  10. Liam Cunningham says

    didn't you play for Minnesota Duluth

  11. Michael Hennesy says

    I play for Pulaski in Wisconsin and I'm the starting RT

  12. K Kapp says

    Yo this jut came up in my recommendations. Did you go to kenosha bradford? Awesome football school.

  13. TheTripleThreat says

    i’m in high school and we are a top team in all of texas

  14. Guts Stug says

    I'm waiting for the next ncaa

  15. zak quick says

    Haha yo Kenny I had no idea you where making videos good video man I miss college football games

  16. PhysicalManx00 says

    My high school team when undefeated 5 years straight

  17. Cracked Carson says

    Dude im from wisco

  18. Jvke says

    does this dude know he can do more than just spin?

  19. Ethan Redlin says

    Are you from Kenosha?? I am too. That looks kinda like bradfords uniforms. Maybe union groves??

  20. family acc says

    When’s to win national championship lost in championship game

  21. LeafGang420 says

    We just made the playoffs first time in eight years!!

  22. Jabrony says

    Why does he look like a light skin Mitchell Tribusky

  23. Eazy Claps26 says

    I'm not in highschool yet but I'm 11 and next year I will be in eochofmen

  24. BcktLife says

    he went to bigfoot high school

  25. Alabama Cat says

    As soon as I saw the title

  26. Shadow Clan says

    Did you ply on wake forest or UCLA

  27. Bryce Hill says

    Hb is my favorite position in football games especially ncaa games

  28. Nader Dabdoub says

    Our team has always been a 2nd round or 3rd round team but we never went to state and we have been in the playoffs in the last decade and right now we’re 4-1

  29. Eclipse Clan says

    You were really #2, your older brother is Michael, and you were in the 2nd row of your team picture.

  30. Sylvester Vardaman says

    Can you send me this game

  31. Lolitskaden1 says

    Did you play in the heart of the north conference

  32. lil bulldog says

    I want 1000 sub ***

  33. Ed says

    I looked you up on the St. Cloud state university site and it’s cool ig you weren’t the best but you were ok and your picture looks like you were a mega nerd but you were at a DII and I respect that

  34. braylon man says

    I live in Wisconsin

  35. XXXTENTACION my dad says

    I still play hs football for the picayune Mississippi maroon tide #22 I'm a dt

  36. Tahje Green says

    In high school I didn’t get to start til my junior year and I played CB I played at like 160 in Shreveport La 3A so I didn’t do too much tackling but we actually made the playoffs but my senior year I was named the starting QB yea 5”9 QB NOT CB we were winless so yea that’s how that went

  37. Sug4rPAp1 42 says

    This character reminds me of that on kid in every football league that nobody can catch

  38. Doomlerious 2019 says

    They should have made it to where you could type in the name of your hometown/school. I don't like having to search through states that I've never been to to find my hometown ?

  39. noah scott says

    I play in the in NFL for the Eagles last name scott
    My nick name is noah I'm Boston scott number 41

  40. Wes Ruidl says

    Did he go to Kenosha Bradford??

  41. Faze_sweat _chen says

    We won 6 National titles

  42. WonderfulTelevision YT says

    I’m from Wisconsin to! That’s so cool!!!

  43. Safety 4475 says

    bro played for the fitzgerald spartans, we were a good team in Division 3, junior year was 8-2(won conference), and senior year was 7-3

  44. SHORT wannabe Qb says

    Go pokes

  45. Red Lightning says

    My school always goes 9-0 and wins the division. And gets demolished in the opening round.

  46. emerick munoz says

    I go to Union high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we have the 2nd biggest football stadium in the nation, we usually win the championship, and almost everybody from the team that starts usually goes D1 big oof

  47. TsR FiredArtist says

    I go to verona (idk if you know where that is) but we get analed by sun prairie every year

  48. I went to Glencoe i was Sam Swann

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