Best of Political Challenges (Compilation) | RuPaul's Drag Race


Relive your favorite moments from the RuPaul’s Drag Race political challenges.

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  1. Lucan Smout says

    Jeff was such a good pick for this challenge…

  2. Daniel Lucas says

    "Thats a question" kakdjsikaksj, i dont know but I laugh so hard in that part

  3. Kenzie Tennent says

    “Did she just call Jeff uneducated??” “HE’S A DINOSAUR DOCTOR!!!”

  4. Kike D'la O Vinelli says

    "Would you really like a clown running your country?" Didn't age well

  5. Kyle Sinadjan says

    the only time i see Derrick Barry doesn't look like Britney

  6. Zach Lina says

    Well if this reminds us of one thing, it's that Widow was screwed over to protect Gigi and the Rotten Pie.

  7. Kha Tingz says

    when he put the tip in

  8. Kha Tingz says

    Say goodnight candidates

    “goodnight candidates” 😂😂

  9. Catastropheic says

    Rachel should've won choices 2020

  10. StripedBandit says

    God Jaida STEAMROLLED that political debate

  11. BlackJack1945 says

    I thought all of Sherry Pie’s appearances were edited out?

  12. Kindell Armstrong says

    I would love a date with that dinosaur doctor!! Didn't he win an award for his groundbreaking research on flies?

  13. Ryan Stewart says


  14. FourEyesFive says

    The most Sherry Pie I’ve seen

  15. Brian Sherrod says

    Widow wasn’t that bad at all. Gigi and Jackie in the bottom for sure. Sherry was close to the bottom as well

  16. Brian Sherrod says

    Overall I still give Jaida this win! It was iconic. Bob definitely a close 2nd!

  17. RomanGreco says

    Uhmmm where’s season 4

  18. A says

    The bottoms should have been phi phi and DiDa in season 4, Kim and Thorgy on season 8 and Gigi with Jackie on season 12

  19. ᄇioᄅeᄐa TM says

    the way i love jaida……… unparalleled

  20. Susie Okalley says

    Im upset i gotta wait 4 years for the next one

  21. A Derion says

    Widow did a great friggen job. The judges are so biased

  22. A Derion says

    ChiChi is missed. Such a wonderful person and a great artist and entertainer.

  23. Thumper Comet says


  24. My Judgemental Self says

    Here's to miss Chi Chi!
    You are and will be missed

  25. Mark Ehlers says

    Where's Season 4's Frock the Vote??

  26. Terrah Card says

    This is supposed to be “best of” and we still have to see Sherry.

  27. Kennedy Williams says

    Why’d the keep sherry pie in this?

  28. Dave12395 says

    "Do you really want a clown running u'r country?"

    Sorry america, but u already do.

  29. Rvin Domingo says

    Still cant believe Jackie was in the bottom 2 and not sherry or gigi

  30. lenzi says

    "i love toast"

  31. Harry Wu says

    the bottom that week should be gigi and the pie🤔

  32. Reezy Beemo says


  33. mululi says

    chichi ❤

  34. Daniel RojasVillafañe says

    Rest in Power Beautiful Chi Chi

  35. Lgowlou 87 says

    Oh this wasn’t the Netflix edit. I forgot SP was in the episode 😂

  36. Lucas Cardoso says

    Look over there!

  37. hai man says

    cringe all the way for thorgy.

  38. Lou The Unicorn says

    Jaida won that challenge so hard

  39. Mathew Fadden says

    Look over there! 👉

  40. Idler Pawn says

    “you can take the bitch out the hustle, but you cannot take the hustle out the bitch”
    I choked

  41. Hannibal Gaming says

    So y'all just going to pretend that season 4 didn't happen. The level of unprofessionalism… far too much

  42. goliaboi says

    i love when they're mean to michelle

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