BIOSHOCK RAP by JT Music – "Rapture Rising"


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One of our favorite games of all time (Bioshock) FINALLY gets a rap. Enjoy!

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BIOSHOCK RAP by JT Machinima – “Rapture Rising”

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  1. JT Music says

    Really stoked you guys are enjoying this. It was an awesome project to make and Andrea Storm Kaden killed it as she always does on the vocals. Fun fact – this is Skull's favorite game of ALL TIME. Writing this rap was a pleasure and a privilege.

    Thanks for stoppin by! Would you kindly come back soon and visit our…CIRCUS OF VALUES!!!!!!!!

  2. BG says

    I'm kinda sad that I never played this game
    and that I didn't really have the chance
    cause I was born in 2005…
    is the game good? is it scary?

  3. Bossdogw yt says

    would you kindly

  4. No Name Poketrainer says

    i dont know why but every time i watch this i get tears of happiness for real???

  5. Mr FiKus says


  6. ghorms says


  7. Kemet Drake says

    Anyone else sing this while they work?…. no just me? Lol i sing while I work just depends on the tempo and whats looping in my brain

  8. Eologic says

    Idk why, but this is definitely my favourite rap. ^w^

  9. lilbean artist says

    I think when u get your first zap u get mind control so when ever he say would u kindly u would listen till u cure your self in later in the game

  10. Kuba J says

    This is the bohemian rhapsody of game songs

  11. geogheganmark says

    Who else is desperate for a karaoke version? This is my favorite song (and game) of all time!!!

  12. Multi_Fandom_UwU says

    Your welcome.

  13. CloudyCarley says

    3 years later and i still remember the lyrics

  14. GODofturtles YT says

    i think the first time i watched this video Irewatched it like 15 times.

  15. Michael Angelillo says

    Man is there anything Donald Glover can't do?

  16. Balloon Lagoon says

    (Insert comment here)

  17. NANA mcmama says

    Y would anyone like this song

  18. Emilio Ordazzo says

    My Brain 1 second after the vídeo

    Riiiisee rapture riiiiissseee

  19. Emilio Ordazzo says
  20. Subject Delta says

    I approve

  21. Slayde says

    I came here from TikTok but holy shit this song is fucking amazing.

  22. -purple_stitch- says

    this song got me addicted to bioshock TwT

  23. Mr Oof says


  24. Sakura Chiyoko says

    This Song Is Pure Awesomeness! The Chorus Got Your Girl Hooked

  25. егор черников says

    БОЖЕСТВЕННО, особенно препев и конец)

  26. Madster says

    did he just rhyme fire with fire?

  27. stephen biggs says

    hey jtmusic you should make some pokemon raps I would love it if you did

  28. Kallie Solwa says

    Can you do a dead island rap please ?

  29. pie man says

    this is the best song i have ever heard and i cannot find a way to thank you enough

  30. Pete of the Bread says


    My brain over 3 years later: RIIIIIIISE RAPTURE RIIIIIIISE

  31. jerg says

    i gotta say, this is my favorite JT rap! it’s what got me into one of the best games ever in the first place!
    you guys really outdid yourselves this time

  32. Ly Tran says

    Thanks fot this i found Jt

  33. DRIFTED says

    that "would you kindly" gave me fucking war flashbacks

  34. the mad modder says

    thanks for getting me into bioshock

  35. Kan Beck says

    I love this song

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