Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Share RARE Home Movies in ‘Happy Anywhere’ Video


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton dropped their new track, ‘Happy Anywhere,’ and the accompanying music video on Thursday. The video was shot by Gwen’s brother, Todd Stefani, at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma, where they have been quarantined amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. boha mira says


  2. Denise K says

    They’re so cute together! So glad she’ll be back on the Voice!

  3. john mohney says

    ave maria

  4. Rochelle Jake says


  5. sue Scott says

    She has made Blake look so old

  6. Evelyn Ramos bonilla says

    It's true don't rush into Marriage go with the flow enjoy moments as they come. With your kids✌️?

  7. Jan Summerford says

    We know about her flights on the plane ???

  8. rose aguilar says

    don't matter how cute they are they're still going to hell, living in adultery..

  9. rickraw100 says

    Love this couple , God bless them.

  10. Strawberry Jam says

    Is anyone else besides me thinking that this sucks? I mean I’m glad she’s happy in her personal life but this isn’t the Gwen Stefani I grew up listening to. I miss the old Gwen and I certainly don’t want country music from her. Her last album “This is What the Truth Feels Like” was amazing and as a longtime fan, I want new music from just Gwen as Gwen, not this Gwen + Blake hybrid.

  11. Amber Tobar says

    Damn shes 50 how old is Blake?

  12. Stone Hammermen says

    Wow. That's some garbage.

  13. Virginia Addis says

    Keep on keeping on . Virg 60 bill the living LEGEND 62 ohhh that clock dont stop. Dream on . Yeah old hippys. Virg make all the cash GENUINE u two ahhhhhg enough with sappu sheeet. Ha ha we aint dead yet .

  14. Donna B says


  15. 011divine says

    Do they not know America is burning to the ground? Oh thts right they dont.

  16. Ms. Medusa says

    I want to know who her plastic surgeon is and her dermatologist

  17. N Carlsen says


  18. Bonita Wilcox says


  19. Brenda Lockskin says

    Hell if I had a luv like that. I would probably say it's too good to be true. Anyway I'm happy being the way I am

  20. Brenda Lockskin says

    I wish I had that luv like that
    Not that l lucky. I wish them the best. God bless them both. I'm happy being single. Being by myself. I'm happy being alone and single

  21. Jerry RN says

    Love these two! ❤️

  22. Bridgett Weaver says

    Hey Blake has she done any “ sprit” cooking for ya?

  23. Christa Bailey says

    They are adorable! Love the new song!

  24. Ron Thorp says

    Sorry wasn't on thursday. Gwen has been executed. So this is fake news. People on the Q list

  25. michael castro says

    All of them.

  26. Eric Mautino says

    Sorry but he can not sing his voice annoying blan boring

  27. Jacinda Kenmed says


  28. Marina Breitigam says

    Hate this song she not country she trying to hard she age him so let's see she now a senior citizens and yes plastic face will make any 50 + look younger Miranda Lambert is still in her early 30 she still a baby. Poor Blake will never have is own kids she an old hag

  29. Rascal Flatts Fanatic says

    She is a fake. Is Blake having a mid-life crisis, or what???

  30. Maya Rain says

    Blake is very handsome Gwen. yous look so happy

  31. T St says

    Gwen she got herself a real Man

  32. Amanda Larson says

    Why is Quinn coming back to the voice. I really love watching the voice but will no longer watch because when she is on there no one even acts like themselves. No one is teasing each other and she always says. If you pick me you get 2 of us because you know I am with Blake. Most of my friends feel the same.

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