Blast Corps (Music) – Sleek Streets


I completely missed this song on Graeme Norgate’s site. My bad… but hey, I found it at least.

Blast Corps music without the background sound effects! In crystal clear quality as I had promised at 3 o’ clock in the morning.

All credit goes to Graeme Norgate for these songs. He is awesome for making these songs as well as many others (including the TimeSplitters songs).

If you like to download some of his music, check out his sites below:

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  1. Azumarill_TF2 says

    "Show us what you got!"

  2. Pious Augustus says

    what the criminals said i thought my brother

  3. William Fiuza says

    Joguei muito esse jogo nostalgia total era muito divertido ficar demolindo as coisas pro caminhão passar bons tempos trilha sonora top.

  4. William Fiuza says


  5. Emm Ess says

    Almost sounds like Metallica…

  6. Matthew Martin says

    You're just trying to impress me.

  7. Noirethegamer says

    This song gave me a panic attack while driving the van it was not a fun experience.

  8. Regrocks81 says

    Autobots, ROCK OUT!!

  9. EvilLouie says

    0:27 and forward is just awesome!

  10. Joelomite says

    I LOVE this track….especially the faint sound of the sirens in the background.

    This shows how you can blend guitars and synthesizers perfectly. I miss the Rare music tracks of the 90s….

  11. Large Coffee says

    You got the cops on your tail again

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