Breaking The Barrier Music – Inside Castle (Minor)


Featured in Breaking The Barrier:
Music by Switch


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  1. FrickenDweeb says

    With all this "every copy of Super Mario 64 is customized" stuff, you'd really think someone would bring up the Easter Eggs for when you use the mic from Hey You! Pikachu! in certain locations. Some people really believe that peripheral was only used for one game?

  2. Jason Bailey says

    Why is theme song so much better than the actual one

  3. Railfanner Jones says

    Basically Castle Walls, but in C Minor.

  4. Aesthetic Art says

    This would fit if somehow we were in the castle with everyone there like normal in the beginning, so it would have more of a “something is off” feel then it already is

  5. gary losey says

    vibing music

  6. David Díaz says

    La música es tal cual para creepy pasta de super Mario 64

  7. la vida de andres says

    Thank you

  8. Dart says

    cant wait for the remake of the space world verson

  9. Tera15 says

    Now I'm wishing for Dire, Dire Docks in minor.

    Not just standard minor, no… To make things creepy…

    HARMONIC minor.

  10. Matthew Timothy says

    Feels … off

  11. IRON PAINTING says

    I like this better than the Castle Music, making it minor gives it more mmph I guess, don't know how to say it lol

  12. Tonybassist123 says

    Super Sponge 64

  13. supah comix says

    release midas river

  14. [c]ness says

    makes me wish for a harmonic minor version instead of a natural minor

  15. GameItOrNot says

    is it just me or can you hear the color red this song

  16. Gletch says

    Today (or yesterday idk) L was confirmed real via the source code leak

  17. 0x2480 says

    cant wait for you to find the real luigi model
    also beta stuff leaked today PogChamp

  18. Pure Sediment says

    The edit is actually not bad, I like it a lot.

  19. William Smoak says

    Are these little clips ever being made into a romhack of some kind?

  20. 4Abiddin3-[T.C.] says

    Upload File select remix from the "the man dressed in green" videos last part plz

  21. The Roasted Chicken Leg says

    Sounds like Luig Group

  22. Berna Folkers says

    This sounds like it was supposed to be in the game yet it doesnt lol

  23. Dark Crasher says

    name off the rom hack?

  24. Will Jones says

    People be talking about that inverted file select. Why not the song that plays when you go into the mirror room?

  25. Ω SmashCrafter Ω says

    What would this rom hack be called OTHER than "personalized edition" ?

    For me, its either "iceberg edition" or "directors cut" even though its likely the real director never had plans of most of this. (Except luigi as its been recently observed)

  26. warmCabin says

    Now post the weird off-key Wine River music!

  27. KJ Setser says

    Every Copy Of Mario 64 Is Personalized.??

  28. Marc_Z999 says

    Sounds very haunted , October themed… By changing one key sets the entire tone

  29. SuperHyper Red says

    What about that mirror room?

  30. TwoRoyBoys says

    Reminds me of the peach’s castle theme in New super Mario bro’s u

  31. maximiliano crack says

    God yob dis is a vest fan game for super mario 64 NICE

  32. Retro weeb says

    I was expecting a YAHAA

  33. Xdelta_ says

    Already seen the interior from a leak like 2 months ago

  34. Ukiki Monky says

    Wasn't this also featured in "The Man Dressed in Green"?

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