Bruno Mars – Chunky (from the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show) [Live]


The live performance of Bruno Mars’ “Chunky” from the album ’24K Magic’ at the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show.

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  1. Yolanda Jeanette says

    Meee tengo está canción quema, la escuché por primera ves en tik tok

  2. norbert rongmei says

    who that Asian chick that did that bunny ears thing

    she fineeeee

  3. Yvette Montgomery says

    Victoria Secret had every opportunity to expand their brand for chunky models, but noooooo. These hungry heffas…..nvm

  4. Anna says

    I love how he supports and vibes with the models ?✨

  5. Fabricio Jef says


  6. Louise Picard says


    Gydgsbgfgcghc v pas

  7. Rachel Cheeseman says


  8. The world Of Ayah says

    Who is this girl at 0:57 shes so pretty…

  9. Rilaakor Syiemlieh says

    When ever there's Bruno in any concert it will always be interesting ??

  10. OMG WEIRDO says

    It doesn't seem to be three year old !!

  11. Ethan Blunden says

    How is it that Bruno can perform and sound like they’re playing a backing track??

  12. 石头 says


  13. mira says

    who’s here for camille rowe

  14. Eche Vazquez says

    este tio es muy bueno cantando y en directo

  15. Melon Bar says


  16. CRYSTAL TV says

    Sinuda ti kakadwak a Ilocano viewers ditoy, ag like kayo man kakabsat❤️❤️❤️??

  17. William González says


  18. Brad Sed says

    When the singer is actually 4 foot 8

  19. Wall E says

    I often wonder, do they every eat food.

  20. Harry Truman says

    My soulmate @ 2:51

  21. ibrahim sim says

    I come here because of Bruno Mars.

  22. JP says

    I love how short he is and how tall everyone else is and how he doesn't care

  23. Wolfpack Productions says

    I thought this was Bruno Mars singing big and chunky from Madagascar 2 and I was sorely disappointed.

  24. Xochitl Patricia Amézquita Cuevas says

    Impulsando el materialismo y discriminación. Que asco de evento.

  25. Tereza Flamingo says


  26. Cindy Morre says

    Who want to yell Yeh for the last model, not only is she so so cute and adorable, she was the best, the other pretty model with curly hair was also great so much natural charisma both of them.

  27. Kenny Koo says

    The interaction between the model and bruno mars at 3:10 is fantastic

  28. Justine Galve says

    Bruno i love it

  29. Charlotte J says

    I love the model 3:06

  30. Mar Ts says

    Who is the second model, the black girl? Does anyone know her name??? She's gorgeous!!!!

  31. utbr01 says

    Love this performance by Bruno and the boys.
    THIS groove is eeeeverything!!!
    Bruno big pumping sangin out to the BBW sistas at a fashion show with stick chicks ….its alllll good!

  32. Jemuel Nalam says

    2:57 that smile tho ?

  33. Italian Pills says

    I watched only bruno

  34. mariah fernandez says

    i now want to be a model

  35. Lourdes Isla says

    you can't help watching and listening Bruno Mars; even that there's a catwalk in that moment … Real music artist!!!????

  36. kaito tatsuya says

    The song was supposed to end right around here 3:18
    But Bruno saw that the model was not done yet, he ends up making the song longer so that she can end her walk.
    That was very nice and professional.

  37. Saif Alkaabi says

    What’s the name of fifth girl she’s beautiful

  38. Aditya Rao says

    Dam there is some pretty girls at Bruno Mars's concert.

  39. Asking Why is Free says

    youtube comments dissing bruno for being short is like saying pikachu being cute is a disadvantage. Humans have different attributes. Being short or tall doesn't mean it's bad. We're just all different. I'm not surprised to see those same people being racist. Some people just don't appreciate diversity and would rather live in a world where everyone has the same faces, body build and height.

  40. Auto-Mansour Upholestry interior design Cars says

    3:35 Im Lookin at u yea you baby love u man 'walking'

  41. Normi Sant says

    Go Bruno! I prefer you, but I guess the guys like these women.

  42. Normi Sant says

    Love Bruno Mars and his music!

  43. Normi Sant says

    These women have perfect bodies! I guess they are the upscale Playboy Bunnies of the past, but much better.

  44. Yassine Dz says

    OMG ? I can't breathe ?

  45. exannuc says

    These are not chunky girls – is Bruno trying to troll ?

  46. balachandrashanbhogu says

    Luma Grothe 02:52, 03:26, is the most beautiful…. Just Graceful.

  47. Toby Flenderson says

    that bass line tho

  48. Christine Womack says

    Bruno mars is just getting down???

  49. Gelo V says

    1:10 The Asian model,Ju Xiaowen the cutest!!!??

  50. Sing With Me! says

    Such a banger! I think this song is so underrated! A friend and I have done a cover, and would love some feedback

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