CLASSIC KI Remixed Music- Hidden Easter Eggs


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  1. RikouHogashi says

    Thanks, KI Wiki!

  2. deadpool vega says

    2017 anyone?

  3. Megaman Zero says

    Chief Thunder's theme sounds like his theme in the gameboy and gameboy color

  4. Diane Howard says

    I didnt know that. Wow.

  5. Cybend von Suru says

    that sadiras lalala sounds like hisakos village of whispers lalala or am I trippin?

  6. QueTheMadman says

    That acoustic part still gives me chills up and down my spine, even 3 years into the games life.

  7. Asad Rehman 93 says

    love it ❤??


    Just remotely related, I super loved that even when going through the main menu the KI theme is played by switching through options in rhythm.

  9. William Colon says

    You guys are complaining about Jago's hidden theme not being a remix of "Do It Now!", but if you listen closely, it's there. But overall, his idle theme is a remix of his KI2/Gold theme, just slowed down

  10. iPandamonium97 says

    Can we use the secret themes as main themes? Mind if you could talk with Mike to add them as a feature PLEASE? <3

  11. 2D L A S T ネイティブ says

    This has already been discovered by RKosmik check on his channel he's got all the full Komplete Dynamic Theme's for each character and with there classic themes too.

  12. Trixie Lulamoon says

    oh noooo~ I'm Cumming!

  13. Kenzo SSW says

    what about spinal?

  14. Steve Allan says

    I could easily listen to Sadira's hidden theme for ages. Just loved how it sounds completely chilled out and relaxing.

  15. MrJechgo says

    TJ Combo's and Maya's are the same as KI2 and Riptor's is indeed Rumble from KI1.

    I gotta say, I'm impressed by these ^_^

  16. MidnightWanderer says

    Don't forget the remix of the classic TJ Combo theme from the original KI2…damn that brought back some memories….Bringing 1994 back…for REAL!!

  17. Sofi Einzbern says

    so cool*-*

  18. stingernitro says

    the acoustic part to thunder's song bought tears to my eyes when i first heard it, the song is so amazing.

  19. Xeroskia says

    1:482:10 What song is playing in the background here?


    Needs more TJ Combo.

  21. Richard Gutiérrez says

    blah blah blah blah 

  22. crow says

    By the way can I add u on Xbox ONE Friends

  23. crow says

    Yeah, sadira's one does sound like the main theme

  24. SpinalZero says

    this the best KI ost yet

  25. ZenExperience says

    sadira´s theme its so F#CKING amazing

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