Clint Eastwood's Lifestyle ★ 2020


Lifestyle 2020 ★ Clint Eastwood’s Net Worth 2020

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  1. Teodora Downie says

    Great job James. Love your work. Lets keep moving x

  2. JuliaWills says

    He was gorgeous.

  3. Scott Harrisohn says

    the biggest hollywood star of all time

  4. Patrick Farrell says

    No mention of Outlaw Josie Wales

  5. Joseph Schmidt says

    Nobody like Clint!

  6. Hal 9000 says

    Why is that witch Nicki in demo picture?

  7. T3SKATLIPOC4 says

    …i live in a palm tree's stick shack which isn't mine and my bank account is in minus 10 grand
    but my shack is just 60 ft. from ankle high waves at a mid pacific ocean tropical beach, lots of coconut around, tho ?
    and never made western movies

  8. Sylvain Daly says

    Eastwood is one of the few good people in Hollywood that supports President Trump…. TRUMP2020

  9. gary coulombe says

    Good for him!!!He earned it.

  10. Billie Bobbie Norton says

    Eastweenie is a fascist, right wing wacko.

  11. Roy Rice says

    How would you spend $315 million dollars?????????

  12. triumphmanful says

    So who is the dark woman in pink ? That's a lot of woman for any man !

  13. Frank Rice says

    Well good for him one of my favor

  14. Geoff Laidler says

    Hey Clint, I always liked you my man ! Cowboy, cop, you were always so coool !!
    You always put the 'bad guys' in their place !
    Keep shootin' my man !!

  15. Chris Deering says


  16. Malcolm Ash says

    Never saw Warhide what was it about

  17. Paul Trawick says

    He was a all time great right behind the John w. The duke another all time favorite

  18. dmr122003 says

    what about “ the outlaw josie wales “ great movie

  19. Porto Rico says

    great guy, great actor, would have been interesting to see Cagney and Eastwood in the same film, my two fav actors, I think if clint had been in the boot of the car when cagney gave the guy some fresh air with the bullet holes, clint would have said, I still can't breathe give me a couple more lol
    And when clint said to the bank robber on the ground, well, do you feel lucky punk, jimmy would have replied, your the lucky one, you get to act in a film with me, lol………… All good fun, just kidding

  20. Glenn Luxton guitarViolinFiddle and more ! says

    You take it with you . But you can leave your good work beyond. I grew up with Rawhide .

  21. mark duncan says

    Clint Eastwood does not hunt!

  22. Mark Braxton says

    Clints lifestyle 2020 would be floating around doing ghost impressions wouldn't it ? i thought he had passed on …or has he asked for a second opinion from his doctor because he's feeling better..

  23. George Rito says

    The greatest clown on movies.

  24. Annabella Goodman says

    ඔවුන් සියල්ලෝම හොඳයිස්තූතියික්‍රේග්

  25. Anthony Bowen says


  26. Paul Tabone says

    ???? Clint Eastwood Australia ?? loves you ????

  27. Eddie Wade says

    He looks like my dad at 89 years old

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