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Computer destruction… is it really as easy as plugging in a USB device?

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  1. Mauntax the legend says

    so this usb killer could made avengers age of ultron from 2 hrs movie into 5 mins sketch

  2. Julius Zietlow says

    In our school they put hot glue inside the lan ports of the notebooks for nobody to install malware on it. But the usb ports were free because we should've been able to use them. Don't know why the IT did this.

  3. Julius Zietlow says

    You could protect your notebook for attacks like this by disabling usb until you enter the master password. Don't know if this works with all notebooks or with windows logon.

  4. Reverse Video Master says

    My grandmother will thinks there is win xp in it and will plug into her win 10 pc

  5. nicholasluigi GB says

    Guess what I’m putting in the popular kid’s locker! Hehe.

  6. BlokkyPixel says

    USB Killer: I Fear No Man
    USB Killer: But It Scares Me

    Nokia From 1990

  7. Kasa 757 says

    They're penises for pcs

  8. Skeppy says

    PS4 is safe 🙂

  9. Ruben Adema says

    Why are they talking about protecting against USB killers even though if someone has access to your PC they can just smash it

  10. jack logan says

    killing computers is just sad

  11. noice guy says

    he's changed

  12. Aalim Mohammed says


  13. Aalim Mohammed says

    Bomb defusing has never been so easy

  14. deadinsides says

    But it cant kill Samsung phones ?

  15. MrMan314 says

    USB-C will protect your computer
    me:*happiness noise"

  16. OmniRyder says

    You could probably take the internals from those USB "condoms" and hook them into the internals of a PC, somehow.

  17. Ye Yu says

    xpvpx 33599533 Welt Hause tvosno Galaxie unproblematisch korrekt onxoxon gamkvk heoll ivpvi EOS bxpccp byvyb Millionen kopieren selten

  18. ANOTRI KUMAR says

    what kind of engineer is this who destroys pc with usb kill.. engineers must repair and save pcs

  19. Aus Gar says


  20. Alexander Lee says

    Man, I miss like doing videos ever since he went to floatplane. At least we got Wan show

  21. RyzenLevels says

    Plugs into PC: PC gets killed
    Plugs into Nokia: USB KILLER gets killed

  22. Ambrosine Girardi says

    So you tell me only Apple has built in proper security to their computers ? Damn, it’s almost like Macs are the only computers actually including modern features instead of being stuck in the past ! ?

  23. Colm Donnelly says

    Cheaper option – manufacturers add in out of phases parallel diodes to the chassis ground as a voltage spike regulator

  24. Dood ! says

    Simple fix .. make the USB drives less sturdy and have them break when too much electricity gets send through them. Would rather lose a usb port than the whole mb and cpu.

  25. AE3CH says

    simple use a hammer it kill almost all hardware

  26. nirocity says

    plug it into the main computer of a nuclear power plant

  27. Mike Melvyn says

    Hackers will always come up with evil ways to break computers my suggestion is not buying one for your protection
    Yes Austin Evans used one but he did it as a demonstration he would not recommend it for computer users

  28. I'm Your NME says

    You know what also works? a glass of water into the top of the case.
    I mean.

  29. NebulaFranz says

    0:44 scared me to death, BRUH

  30. Nerd About Everything says

    If you wanna kill a pc as some sort of spy just use a sledgehammer lol

  31. Griffin Barrett says

    Having no functioning USB ports is gud

  32. Aido Ro-Mon says

    Linus: It's actually not that complicated-
    Proceeds to say a bunch of complicated words

  33. Geoff says

    Nice no more online classes

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