Computer Love…Zapp & Roger


Off the All The Greatest Hits album_1993

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  1. Joe Tau says

    Still listening!2020! Its about memories and what you did when the song came out

  2. evaristo Mejia says


  3. Hvl Prosper says


  4. Booze129 says

    Who’s listening in 2021?

  5. Pius Imafidon Jr. says

    hold on….. did Tupac sample this in i get around??????

  6. Teresa Richardson says

    LISTENING 2020, DIGGING THIS ??????????????

  7. OH AYE says

    Kappy you really fuckin up today boy

  8. kukubee nile says

    Beautiful ?❤️❤️ songs love it, the world's

  9. Paulette Hammond-Duerson says

    I don't care. I don't have anything to loose. You do.
    Life is life. This is about relationships. Thats life.

    Just stop posting musice on my feeds and then its over with.

    I'm gonna hate it, its going to hurt. But it has to happen. Stop this and stop it now.

    Eveyone keep blaming me like I am chasing you. You reached out to me!

  10. Grimace Clothing says

    The YouTube community will immortalize this song, idk if anyone else my age is into this music, don’t care. ??

  11. That Chico- Bert says

    Kane with the new rims ready to pickup that red bone

  12. L ꓞ Ɐ says
  13. Trina Madison says

    This song predicted the future!

  14. Janelle Glass says

    This is a great old school song. However, I'm disappointed Liz khalifa sampled it. I'm all for the younger generation sampling, using, remaking, or whatever with an old school song. This is a classic song that should have been left alone.

  15. Carl Bowles says

    Computer love is still a massive hit after all these decades. This is real music, talent matters always.

  16. That username though.

  17. Ariel Jacob says

    online beezies

  18. Jason Heard says

    People still at times seem to forget Roger Troutman when the conversation comes up about true greats, dude was basically a child prodigy and played several instruments and was innovative and way ahead of his time and influenced an entire Hip Hop generation!

  19. Jimenez2310 says


  20. Madison Washington says


  21. Cassandra Wright says

    Ahead of its time?

  22. THE LONELY ORC says


  23. mia angelina says

    computer loOVE baby!!!!

  24. Chase Money says

    2020? ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊???????????

  25. ML Simmons says


  26. Lisa Maurice says

    2020 still viben

  27. Flonzel Richardson says


  28. CasinoProgressive says

    How could there be 4,000 unlikes to this song?

  29. deandrea barber says

    Thank you Mr Charlie Wilson ♥️❤️♥️❤️ For the lyrics thank, you both for the timeless hit♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️♥️❤️??‍♀️?????????

  30. derrick washington says

    Charlie Wilson killed it on this.

  31. Zellaith says

    4:23 ?

  32. April White says

    I still love this

  33. Jay Krash says


  34. Shatima Buckner says


  35. Yeejtsim Lauj says

    Oh man this the original version. Piru Love sample from this song.

  36. Joshua Pearson says

    So we gonna sit here not give Charlie Wilson credit for the vocals?

  37. Blogmylifekns Blogmylifekns says


  38. Golden Strawberry says


  39. John Ignace Kitauli Laswai says

    2Pac's thug passion was inspired by this song, what a masterpiece?

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