Computer Security


Professors Dan Boneh, John Mitchell and Dawn Song are teaching a class on “Computer Security” starting Feburary 2012.

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  1. Jiceman says

    This course is still listed in the Coursera catalog. However it seems to have never been offered. Would the organizers / staff please comment. Has the class been cancelled?

  2. You Tube says

    Thank you…

  3. Rouzbeh136 says

    Dan Boneh is a legend!!!

  4. Wor Moya says

    What's with the rude comments? These bright people at the top of their field are offering you the opportunity to learn from them for free. Get over yourselves.

  5. Jmari Asma says

    @6006133 there's no harm in having a mug he's deconracted and he wants to bring people to follow the courses feeling as free as he feels while holding his mug that's all 🙂

  6. Jmari Asma says

    I couldn't get what the women was saying !

  7. 6006133 says

    He has a mug! o_O

  8. KaliPuppies says

    i kinda like the topic, but Dawn Sang definitely made me sign up for the course:) she's funny

  9. ambuj123 says

    Awesome, I am waiting for this class to start.

  10. Thanh Nguyen Tan says

    Thanks, waiting

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