Computer Space Arcade Game (1971, Nutting Associates)


Computer Space, the world’s first commercially sold coin-operated video game and video game system of any kind (predating magnovox odyssey) It’s the first coin-operated arcade game to use a video display to generate graphics via video signal (predating Magnovox Odyssey). It was built by Nolan Bushnell (a founder of Atari and Chuck E’ Cheese). He wanted video games available to the public but it was too expensive to use computer hardware or it’s CPU. So he decided to build his own arcade cabinet (after Galaxy-Game in 1971) entirely of electrical transistors and circuits and discrete logics,( the same parts used to produced and manufacture television. Also the same strategy that Ralph Baer used to make Magnovox Odyssey usd.). To reduce cost and make them more affordable to the public. However, it was not financial success. But Nolan later created and release Pong in 1972, which was very successful.

Galaxy-Game is the only coin-operated computer game to predate computer space. Galaxy-Game was built also built in 1971 , only with mainframe computer hardware and only one was ever built. So we probably won’t see this game emulated since it’s now at the hands of the museum. Simulation maybe possible but it won’t be very accurate.

Ralph Baer is often credted as the original inventor and creator of video games as he had the original idea for video games back in the early 1950s. But first person to bring video games to the public would have to be Nolan Bushnell. Without him, we would have no arcade games nor MAME would ever existed.

This is not an emulation. More of a very accurate simulation. There are currently no emulators to play this game since MAME can only emulate games at CPU levels. This game does not have a CPU or ROM chips. In order for MAME to emulate this game, it will have to emulate the whole electronic hardware, which is not very easy to do. But software simulation is available. Thanks to the people who created this software simulation game, with sound effects and audio ripped from the original arcade machine. Any interested in playing this game, here’s a link below:

Recorder: Camtasia Studios
Editor: Virtual Dub
Encoder: Avisynth+MeGui

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  1. illmatic Dragon says

    The person playing sucks. Get good scrub… 😉

  2. Shosu Celadon says

    The very first of it's kind

  3. Alex Franco says

    This is a lot more impressive than Pong

  4. Michael Kearney says

    G W A F F I X Z

  5. Franklin Iñigo Rivamonte says

    This old video game. It may the system of the recoil that space ships, and even between the continuous improve the quality blast aired up. For battle gunners will project distance must arrange on the shooters.

  6. LITTLE says

    This arcade may predate Pong by a year, but it felt highly experimental rather than a real game.

  7. oopopp x says

    How much is a quarter worth from 1971 in today's money???

  8. BIGBOYgotbeans123 says

    my teacher had us do this for music, i love studying microwave sounds.

  9. Tim Costner says

    The game itself is horrid, but the cabinet is amazing

  10. blue pacman says

    welcome to my lets play
    better known as computer space.

  11. L says

    N U T T I N G

  12. Matt Pike says

    I played this today at FUNSPOT in new Hampshire! I didn't know anything about the history of it at all.

  13. ikagura says

    "This is not an emulation. More of a very accurate simulation" so that means that the earliest videogames ever made cannot be properly emulated so we had to simulate them

  14. Максат Байшанов says

    Battletoads & Double Dragon, space levels, now I know where they got the idea…

  15. Skul says

    Still better than Fallout 76.

  16. Rileymations Studios says

    Computer Space: BOOOOOP

  17. Wolfe Addams says

    second most important thing to happen in 1971
    along with the birth of me…
    the most important person in the universe ?

  18. n says

    every arcade game: blips and boops

  19. GarethNIreland says

    Not bad but the PS5 will be better

  20. Demonite says


  21. Jino KIM says

    This is Jino at exhibition secretariat of DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) in Seoul. We are preparing sports related exhibition for DDP Design Week, which is called [Play Design Play on]. The reason of this email is to get permission from you on playing the videos in our exhibition event. Surely we will put the credit.. Hope to it is okay!!

  22. Ri0tt [AJ] says

    Computer Space:

    demonic screeching

  23. logitechSDAZ says

    still a better love story than Twilight

  24. G1zm0 says

    The only game that cant b emulated

  25. B0omer96 says

    Dude I don't know where you got access to all of these but this is an extensive list. Good job!

  26. G Direct says

    This is one of the games I’ll just never understand for as long as I live

  27. Tuxy's Magical Jukebox says

    Is this running on MAME, or is it a completely rewritten version?

  28. CrazyScribbles says

    this game looks horrible. im sorry. i know its a mean thing to say, but it sounds and looks like the absolute worst.

  29. GamePlayRaja says

    What is wrong with the sound Jeez. That will trigger ptsd in any human being.

  30. JB11 says

    This game is beautiful retro furniture. Love it!!!!!!!! Does it come in 70s orange? If so, I want one for my retro rec room right now.

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