Cool and Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level Part 12


Cool and Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level Part 12
in this video:
1. Robotti – an automated disk ripper:
2. Vineyard pruning machine, vineyard vine trimmer:
3. Autonomous Electric Tractor – Future of Farming:
4. Automated apple harvester robot:
5. Dry bean digger – windrower and harvester thresher:
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  1. Tomáš Pavlata says


  2. PESCA ACTIVA says


  3. Nayan Hasan says

    good work

  4. Dirt Monkey says

    I work at a refinery and these farmers have cooler tech?


    трактор-робот джон дир очень классная концепция

  6. TOP HAT Thomas K Dennis Jr. says

    In the old days it took many people many hours. Don't need migrant workers after all. Build The Wall

  7. mákos guba says

    mtz velmennyél bazdmeg xd

  8. Dale Meyers says

    zero emissions on the electric drive? cute lol

  9. actorzone says

    Apple picker is crazy easier to get backpackers to pick fruit,

  10. FERMA Barbu says

    John deere love

  11. Klaus Karbaumer says

    This technology mania is bankrupting farmers!

  12. Paul Sharman says

    3.48 , that is one angry looking machine! Wouldn't want to have that coming toward me with no driver!

  13. Сергей Шевцов says

    Про пол Джон дира фигня есть такое понятие догружатель задних колёс

  14. Valerijus Paniznikas says

    В думу…

  15. Dla Breizh bzh says

    après on ce plein que la planète par en "vrac"

  16. Herb Houston says

    Does anyone know what was being harvested at the end of the video?

  17. Giuseppe Audino says

    Hi very good video very good machine ???from Buckland west Australia

  18. Игорь Семенюк says

    Всё делается вроде бы для облегчения труда человека но куда идти людям при такой механизации?

  19. Miền Tây TiVi says

    modern machines

  20. Cassian unterwegs says


  21. Тракторист TV says


  22. Agonelli says

    Nice video. What's the name of the first song in the video please. Thanks.

  23. Валерий Казацкий says

    Ребята которые умеют зарабатывать!!!

  24. Gustavo Bonetto says

    7:10 qual o nome desse equipamento modelo

  25. Sweden Bangla says

    I love Agriculture

  26. Rehan says

    First to comment yay I love these videos.

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