Cool and Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level


Cool and Powerful Modern Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level

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In this video:
1. Case IH 4400 Narrow Row Corn Header:
2. MegaCutter™ Triple Disc Mower-Conditioner Machine:
3. Brielmaier motor mower with Formula 1 Small car:
4. Yanmar VP7D25 rice planter machine:
5. Dino- autonomous robot for vegetable mechanical weeding:
6. Working on Weren graszoden farm:
7. Loftness 10-Foot System Grain Bag Unloader:

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  1. Krishi Helpline says

    किसान मेलों में शिरकत करना क्यों ज़रूरी है, आओ जानें

    (नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे)
    और दैनिक अपडेट पाने के लिए सब्सक्राइब करे कृषिहेल्पलिने

  2. Ramkumar S says

    12:00 what is happening here? Putting grain into the sack

  3. Kevin Werth says
  4. Ahmed Aero says
  5. jordy malagon says

    in which countries this type of modern machinery is used

  6. roelcriz L decipulo criz says

    How to apply this work nice

  7. fu au says


  8. 한명숙 says

    Thank you for all your efforts

  9. Zodek86 says

    3:40 что за аппарат и сколько стоит?

  10. august says

    Those hill mowers are the coolest things yet ! Would love to take my Paraglider off that hill !!!

  11. Pedro Avalos says

    Compa de me trabajo me gustan las maquinas soy de colima

  12. burnthedead13 says

    the blue machine looked like a podracer

  13. Phuong Do says

    Châu âu thật tuyệt vời..

  14. зритель петрович says

    Зато у нас танки лучше.

  15. Glenda Lewman says

    Are any of these made in America?

  16. good money says

    this is a beautiful job.i lide it ,so much.

  17. Juan Ferdinand Blardony says

    I'm very interested with these farming technologies. Cause I want to do modern farming to help farmers.

  18. Yue Lou says

    amazing work

  19. Jitendra Shah says

    Please innovat new technology for collection of mature maze west which is thrown out back side of tractor with big bag back side of tractor. Due to this farmer can earn more from cattle feed you can do it easily your technology is so advanced ??

  20. Ylli Shabanaj says


  21. arslanali dzhamyatdinov says

    И не говорите что это техника русский или же российский

  22. sonnyray marcella says

    Nice tech.
    But much better if every machine have its name on it ?

  23. сергей старухин says


  24. Joe Smith says

    music sucks

  25. #/ B #/B says

    شيء رائع

  26. Vertil Ocampo says


  27. Shadrack Too says

    This is so amazing technology to the next level

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