Coronavirus and Health Inequities


Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH discusses topics in health equity with JAMA Medical News Associate Managing Editor Jennifer Abbasi. Recorded on June 19, 2020.

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Topics discussed in this interview:
0:00 Background on Dr Murray
0:51 So, in the U.S., African-Americans account for 13% of the population, but 24% of COVID-19 deaths where race is known. And Blacks, Latinos, and American Indians also represent a disproportionate number of cases. Can you talk to us about some of the many factors that are driving these numbers?
4:31 Something that has been discussed is that the idea of working from home, which is something that I have the opportunity to do, is a privilege for a lot of people, and a privilege that a lot of people don’t have.
5:49 Researchers are looking into possible associations between air pollution, which we know communities of color have higher exposures to, and COVID-19 susceptibility severity. Do you think it could be a factor?
7:30 Has enough been done to get information about COVID-19 out to minority communities, including the African-American community?
10:11 Do you think that the messaging has improved and that more people are being reached now?
11:56 Do you have any idea where this myth arose that black people can’t get COVID-19?
14:31 What about distrust of the medical establishment in the black community? Can you talk to us about whether you feel like that’s had a bearing on the COVID-19 pandemic?
17:24 Are you concerned about — when we do have a vaccine — if it will be available for minority communities?
19:16 Of the first 100 people in Chicago to die from COVID-19, 70 of them were black. They didn’t have faith in some of the lower resource safety net hospitals in their neighborhoods, so they waited to go to the hospital until it was too late. What are your thoughts about that?
21:28 What do you think about the lack of demographic data that we’ve been experiencing?
23:18 Are we do — doing better in collecting demographic data — data on COVID-19 at this point?
24:58 An estimated 1 in 1,000 black men in the U.S. will be killed by police over the course of their lifetimes, according to data. As a physician, how do you think about this in the context of keeping communities healthy?
28:44 So, you have said, Dr. Murray, that you are devoting the rest of your career to being an enthusiastic full time troublemaker. So, what does that mean for you?

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    Cancer kills 10 times more people a year. Lets focus on that and not covid. Little ole cold got people trippin.

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    Lockdown or we die!

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    Imagine censoring the comment section

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    Try using science for a while, instead of feelings.

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    lol, nobody's buying the mierda del toro. gfy

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    This sounds more like a socioeconomic, and perhaps cultural, issue. You would probably see similar inequities in a racially homogeneous population.

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    Instead of adding African-American why not just say American ??

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    Can you guys actually help and make a vaccine instead of making these retarded pointless videos

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    If you catch the virus you only have a 99.97% of survival.
    Why even live?

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    I'm not sure what wrong with mr.trump maybe a little senile or what he knew bout this virus in Dec. completely sweep it under the rug now he playing it off saying it will be gone a way soon that is bull it like all other virus that come into USA they stay all they can do is it get under control teach people to deal with it sorry I have no faith in mr. trump he think it a joke he needs to wake up wonder what happen if one of his family member gets it??? no they got caught with their pants down mr. trump you need to fix this stop sweeping this under the rug ….I say it has affected people minds everyone is piss off out of control don't take a rocket scientist to figure all this out……

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    Blame the (D) governors and Mayors failing to take care of their citizens and instead pretend they care allowing massive protesting and rioting gatherings on every street corner in the wake of a pandemic putting everyone at risk ESPECIALLY the black community!

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    You guys went to college, and graduated, just to turn this into a race issue? It's an economic class issue.
    You're saying because I'm brown, I don't have adequate health coverage. Sure it's not cuz I don't make enough money for whatever reason? MLK Jr. must be spinning in his grave.

  18. The Tater says

    So working in the Gulf of Mexico on oil/natural rigs, I have been in contact with this virus three times, tested negative all three times where 17 people out of 62 people tested positive. Luckily no one had a serious case and was over it within a week. I was given a blood test and I have the antibodies now. My wife who is a nurse practitioner in the dialysis field also has the antibodies and was tested seven times. I guess it effects everyone different but myself or my family is not afraid of this virus. I lost brain function listening to this garbage.

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    I will say for Latino people, it's probably they are likely to be essential workers, Latino people are the hardest working people I've ever seen. Working for almost nothing because they want a better life here in America, and to be clear those are the paisas not the little retarded shits born here. People who come from around the world actually appreciate America while those who where born here don't care.

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    Maybe if more black people and black groups talked about issues that actually effect blacks this wouldn't be such a mystery.

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  31. king and colors says

    Bo fessor at the University of Illinois at Chicago school public hell she retired from clinical practice in 2018 after 40 years as a general internist until 2014 Dr. Marie was the chief medical officer county department of public health she was also formally the bureau chief for the Chicago department of health under mayor help Harold Washington

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    I went to the doctor the other day and asked him how long is this virus going to last and he said how should I know I'm not a politician.

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    Wow looks like you guys need to get rid of the democrats since they've been running the places with the biggest inequities for over half a century, in chicago nearly an entire century.. Their entire history is based in racism anyway if we're cancelling statues how about cancelling the party who fought for slavery and still divides people by race to this very day..

  39. Charles Smith says

    Masks fibers are at best 45000 angstrom apart. Viruses are 45 angstrom wide. Antigens are 100,000 angstrom. Masks do not block viruses but they do block antigens. Masks spread the virus while blocking the immunity. Masks should be outlawed. People without masks remember to maintain social distancing much more profoundly as they have no false sense of security. This is about the industry of making masks. They are selling well now.

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    What on God's green earth does race have to do with it anyone can get this anyone can die from it the disease doesn't care about where you come from or who you are

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