COVID-19 Made Me Convert a Patient Treatment Room Into the Hybrid Game Room


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  1. galsal04 says

    This was a great video, loved the shots and the editing!

  2. Hope Moskal says

    Since the mirror was covering the center green square, could you have removed it and put it up at the top instead of having that one black square up there?

  3. some_fomo_face says

    tImE tO gEt HiGhHhhHHHhh

  4. Predacon’s Jewel says

    Y'all's chemistry is so fun to watch, everyone's having a good time

  5. Mina says

    Game room looks soooo awesome!!!!

  6. SepticBadger says

    "I'm getting the sticky stuff off my pants…" No Alex, never say that again.

  7. Gabi Gayko says


  8. PinkTaco OfDoom says

    It seems like Hogwarts gave you the wrong size robe… there's gotta be a spell to fix that.

    You all worked hard and the room turned out great!

  9. bruh bruh says

    Since the skeleton mirror is covering up the center square, couldn’t they have just taken the green from the middle and replaced the black one that’s out of place?

  10. Vincent Vrielink says

    Why is the mirror not centered ?

  11. Danku Sama says

    Ok when roxy said it was fun when she eletricuted herself im concerend that she may be a masochast (cant spell 🙁 )

  12. Military Marshall says

    That room is extremely cool!!!

  13. Ian Hall says

    LOL I can't believe they just low-key called you lord F*ckwad X'D
    But the game room looks great. I'm jealous. One day when I can afford a house, I can make my own =P


    How did this channel go from 100k to 99k?

  15. Lazarus Stettsteen says

    Fitness and Gaming? Sign me in!

  16. Erik Castelan says

    Play the Kingdom Hearts Series. You'll hate me for it.

  17. Monster Mash says

    Well if you ever get bored you could always buy a tv antenna and use that tv more often.

  18. The Hi-Score Show says

    Let me know if you ever need a partner to help you with some co-op

  19. Yujin D says

    "Covid Made Me" sounds like a good series idea. ?

  20. Alexander Amaro says

    can you play Jurassic World Evolution and Bendy and the ink machine? (which Mark played)

  21. Willow Rose says

    good stuff. I love efficiency like this. keep doing dope stuff.

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