Create, find, and change channel art on your computer


Channel art shows as a background or banner at the top of your YouTube page. You can use it to brand your channel’s identity and give your page a unique look and feel. Use the guidelines and examples below to set up your design. Keep in mind that channel art looks different on desktop, mobile, and TV displays. Visit the help center to learn more and see how channel art displays on different devices:

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  1. The Arteaga Brother's Studio says

    not mention, you didn't even show us how to create an image for the banner.

  2. Fribbles says


  3. Max Rockatansky says

    Porfavor Sr Youtube me puedes ayudar?. No consigo cambiar la cabecera de mi canal. Hago todos los pasos pero algo falla. MI canal está despersonalizado sin una cabecera. Porqué me pasa esto a mi maldita sea, todo el mundo tiene su cabecera y yo no puedo cambiarla.

  4. Arie Roblox says

    mine is too small where is the freaking template

  5. Nicolas 777 el dios says

    No crear un logo del canal idiota

  6. Mazh Mobile says

    Nice information

  7. All About Jesus says

    When I select edit channel art, I am prompted with a Google login screen that says 'In order to selct an item from your online storage, please sign in'. When I click sign in, it then says "The feature you requested is currently unavailable. Please try again later.",
    I am desperate to change my banner but can not get pass this stage. Any tips.

  8. Jean mark Noel says


  9. Jean mark Noel says


  10. Ꮚnąrńïã låńdᏊ says

    I did it the same as the video but Google says there is an error

  11. Metro-North Productions says

    Wow thanks for teaching us something to do that, and this is true for me, DOSE NOT FUCKING WORK.

  12. GamerEducationandFun says

    i literally used something from the gallery and it said it was too small

  13. Julia top Maia says


  14. Majo Sandoval says

    i cant, when i click on edit chanel Art it appears on the screen “in order to select an item from your online storage, please sign in and then error

  15. Usman Sadiq says

    Yousuf video thanks you youtube creaters

  16. Beanny the Gamer says

    when i still do and its right image pix still dosent work aw man

  17. Lemlem Alemu says


  18. BigChungusIsOnline says

    it shows that i have to sign in my google account ( i have already signed in my channel) , then when i click on sign in it shows that an error has occurred……pls fix!

  19. This option not show my channel please help me creators

  20. This option not show my channel please help me creators

  21. This option not show my channel please help me creators

  22. This option not show my channel please help me creators

  23. This option not show my channel please help me creators

  24. This option not show my channel please help me creators

  25. NETWORK LINE says

    it isn't showing us the interface that was shown in yours

  26. 장난하십니까 사이즈 정말 잘 맞추어서 넣는데도 그게 작다뇨…..

  27. * мαяιlú * says

    It is definitely the original way of making the header.

    But it does not give me the option, the pencil does not come out to make the change.

    Yesterday I made some changes to my channel and I think it could be that, because my other account checks it and if the pencil appears to make the changes

    I don't know what to do to undo the changes

    and change the image of my barner

    Thank you

  28. Deacon Ash says

    Mine just says its too small for everything

  29. John First says

    i have a problem in youtube channel art, I am already log in and yet it was asking me to log in using my Gmail account?

  30. Artistry Anime says

    my one doesn't work pls answer me as soon as possible/// I'm so STRESSED

  31. MC Calima says

    It's not working now? There's a problem?

  32. Crandle Box says

    i literally cannot fucking do it it says i have to log in on my google account and goes to an error if i try logging in its either my pc or the garbage website

  33. 【Zaina's Covers!】 says

    Not helping!!!

  34. **-Bon–Bonny-** says

    Thank u for helping me :3 for me it works :3

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