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On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan takes a look at the history and politics behind one of the biggest sports in the world: cricket. With billions of fans scheduled to tune into the upcoming 2019 Cricket World Cup, Hasan examines how the game has evolved from a sport of British colonizers into a tool of diplomacy and a force for good despite recent scandals and corruption. Hasan also explores how cricket has especially grown in India due in part to the creation of the IPL, a flashy professional cricket league founded by the infamous Lalit Modi, and how that expansion has unfortunately come at the expense of the growth of cricket in other countries.

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  1. Arya Pradhan says

    Hey do you have any problem with india

  2. vivek sharma says

    Just Here to see our Jealous Neighbours in the comments .

  3. Aashish goyal says

    So there is one thing in which India is acting like America, bite me.

  4. Sam Tran says

    Lalit Modi looks pretty like Indian William Barr to say exact.

  5. Nitin Sharma says

    Why is this guy not funny??? Man he sucks

  6. Sairam Reddy says

    If India ?? doesn’t want small countries to play cricket , why would they invest in Afghanistan ??. It proves that your wrong

  7. ASSAM FOX says

    he just try to be cool by defaming his own nation india….. dont know what he wants to prove, better make videos on muslim countries like pakistan and iraq.

  8. swastik mishra says

    why is corruption is in title.

  9. Shaurya Rawat says

    Again British domains the world but peacefully ??

  10. Eren says

    Why American thought that what they watch and aee are superior and saying hate watching cricket man whose sayes ti see cricket whole india see cricket 20 v 20 why can't see that because u can't get reasons to get support in hate this sport because India is doing good in it the ur journalism also one side librarcy

  11. naveen life says

    IPL just like NBA. Every international matchs revolve around this tournaments

  12. naveen life says

    "Brown person " that's the racist bro . You are kind of hypocrite

  13. Kamran Basheer says

    Lalit modi was more hilarious????

  14. Mohammed Abdullah Al Hasib says

    Cricket should be banned.

  15. David Jeyaselvan says

    This video is timely. Anyone watching in 2020 would know how the world cup this year has been postponed to make room for the IPL.

    As for cricket uniting, as a SriLankan i can attest to that. ♥️


  16. Game Creator says

    My brother only speaks truth lmao

  17. dmyra says

    Dafuq, Modi so Gangster!

  18. aditya gollakota says

    Basically bcci in cricket is what USA is in the world

  19. Kashif Ahmed says

    Did he just called Imagine Dragons Bad?

  20. Rohit Kumar says

    Here I differ… Rectify your data… India helps UAE, Nepal, Afganistan and many African countries to develop cricket and also provide opportunities to them in some sorts

  21. Devansh Agarwal says

    More videos on India please

  22. Aviral Singhal says

    I'm confused. But if most of the revenue is generated from Indian sponsors and Indian people's money, I don't see a problem with 33% of the total money staying in India. Otherwise, it'll just be like Indian people sponsoring other countries' cricket organizations at their cost…Why would any country or an organisation want to send money outside their country

  23. Vikash Kumar says

    U distorted some facts..!!

  24. Subhasish Bhowmick says

    Lol cricket is the most loving game among cricket playing nations and the things he is presenting is half true which is more dangerous and can make more misconcepts for the viewers… He is just hungry of clicks?

  25. Subhasish Bhowmick says

    Lol?? army general= random security guard?? when???

  26. S G says

    It’s funny how conveniently he forgot to cover the aspect of rampant cheating in the favour of white men when English and Australians boards were dominant.

  27. preetam dp says


  28. streamofthesky says

    Well, it was a nice video until he felt the need to diss the greatest sport of all time (Badminton)

  29. Zohaib Bukhari says

    1:25 if no one watched the Murphy brown reboot then 0 x 1 billion is zero. Hah

  30. Adarsh Varrier says

    Hasan .. Take that back…………… Imagine dragons is not BAD!!!!!!!!! coming from an Indian. XD

  31. Marisa Scipio says

    I'm Trinidadian, grew up the same way. My father owned the tv for every cricket event ?

  32. mk sadhotra says

    Lalit Modi after watching this: sala Chuna laga gya re ??

  33. Alice Stolze says

    Lalit Modi seems like a modern day Zhang Zongchang

  34. Sandeep Jani says

    Cricket = baseball – athleticism

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