Cricket History | South Africa chase top most score 434 against Australia in ODI


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Historical match in cricket history. South Africa given their one of best performance in batting line. All African should watch it and feel proud to be African.

Keep watching and liking because many more to come.
Thank you.

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  1. RAGHUH RAO says

    Until cricket is on earth this match will have to be written in DIAMOND STUDDED GOLD PLATE!!!!!!!,there may be new records like 300+in T20s,,500+in ODI s,,one man scoring 200+,in T20& another hitting 300+in an 50 over match,,,a TEST match can see 1000+in one innings,,,but this is the first time a team chased 400+ in 50overs & WON!!!!!!! even in TEST cricket only two times (INDIA vsWINDIES in 1976 406/4& 418/8 by WINDIES vs AUSTEALIA in2008)400+ have been chased to WIN?????????????????an impossible has been accomplished in the ERA when 300+ was very,very,very, safe total???????????any one forgetting this match in future also is not a true lover of CRICKET….it will be as good as forgetting our past culture???????? a record did not stand for half day enough ????!!!!!!!!!!?that is the most IRONICAL of the best team of thise days?????????!!!!!!any agree?????

  2. Jaimin Mehta says

    Fixed match, everyone knows

  3. Solanki Rahul says


  4. Raodanish says

    South Africa was chasing like a warrior Alexander team… I watched this match on live.. I guess when Gibbs batting SA would be won the match… my best memories..

  5. Ranjan Mondal says

    Love you both of you

  6. Mr. Khan says

    In this match, AB De Villers is like Bheegi Billi ?

  7. Mr. Khan says

    How can they defend?? This is unbelievable ?

  8. satyakam shashwat says

    This was the first time I saw sports news on the first page of newspaper



  10. Tn Patel says


  11. Chandiran Chandiran says

    All time Super ?????????????? Indian

  12. sachin sharma says

    I remember , on night I watched Australia score 434 with ponting 164 .. after few overs of south africa , I slept ..Next morning reading newspaper front page headline, south africa created history ??? I was shocked

  13. Rajeev RV says

    Aus ???

  14. M I Fareed Ali says

    Revenge for 1999 semi finals

  15. Arslan Amir says

    It is not bigeest score of odi bigest score is 481-6 by england aganist austrailia

  16. soboi devadasu says

    South Africa….Wonderful Batting….. lv it


    Mathaia नाइटनि सबका मेहनत बरकरार रखा जियो रे नाइटनि naitani का 1 रन मैच का रंग ला दी

  18. Manas Parida says

    Amazing match which is unforgettable.

  19. Human nature says

    Southafrica definitely deserves a world cup

  20. Rahman Khan says


  21. Sahil Sharma says

    What a match…..un believable… hats off to south africa…what an innings…really… All deserve…begining with harshal Gibbs. …..hatts off ….harshal sir……..????

  22. MASTER JIENO says



    Will such a marvelous game come again?

  24. Ravi Chopra says

    Had watched that match.Never seen World record for most runs being made and being broken on the same day.Hershell Gibbs made the chase looked so easy.Felt bad for Aussie bowlers.

  25. Kiran Narayanan says

    08:21 Ponting cannot believe this is happened to his team. Commentary that summarize the whole match.

  26. Sheikh Humayun Kabir says

    Both team take the same steroids that day…SA just topped it on the 2nd last ball

  27. rasigan says

    I guess this match is fixed to open gates for t20

  28. Merauddin Gazi says

    Best match my life

  29. Riya aktar says

    Excellent gem

  30. Mr. Fake says

    I never saw this type of match.

  31. Nazrul Islam says

    I don't know this history can be Brock or not..if can be possible… that how many years later??????? what a great match ever ever and ever….

  32. Nalin Sharma says

    Gibbs made 175 and SA chased 434 in Jo’burg. Sachin made 175 and India couldn’t chase 359 in hyderabad in 2009. Lost by 3 runs.

  33. Abhishek Mukerjea says

    I had seen this match,,, proteas made the impossible possible

  34. Abhishek Mukerjea says

    Uhhhhhh what a match it was

  35. Nune Kumar says

    What a match ? remember for long time

  36. Krishantha anthony says


  37. Krishantha anthony says

    මම දන්නැහැ මොනවද වෙන්නේ මට ප්‍රශ්න

  38. Krishantha anthony says

    පුලුවන්ද ගහන්න මචො

  39. ameer ismail says

    The same team of South African player should be reward till last player alive.

  40. Erfan Pasa Erfan says


  41. Vikas Kanade says

    2007 world cup final

  42. Malik Aqeel says

    Beautiful match in the history

  43. जागो भारत जागो says

    mark boucher was real hero of the last inning

  44. suresh kumar Talabattula says

    Anything is possible so is the end of Corona with super vaccine soon.

  45. RAGHUH RAO says

    within 8 hour time(3.30 for each team + lunch break of 45 minutes) two IMMPOSSIBLE RECORDs were set ,one beating the other ???????the first team has to surrender before its players celebrate their record!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!S A s confidence was from heaven!!!!!!!
    I read somewhere that Kallis said to his mates ""the bowlers have done their job good, now it is we our batsman's turn to repay their efforts"""" !!!!! Unbelievable ,height of CONFIDENCE LEVEL?????????????????

  46. rajendra patel says

    આને કહેવાય જડબાતોડ જવાબ આપ્યો,
    Well play all

  47. Krishantha anthony says


  48. Ankur Saxena says

    How is it possible? That south africa chase big target against australia

  49. No or am in Sakib says

    Unbelievable win for south africa

  50. Bashi thoyakkavu says

    Gibs grate

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