Dan Harmon On 'Community': Series Primer | EW’s Binge | Entertainment Weekly


Dan Harmon prepares you for a binge of Community with EW’s Derek Lawrence and Chancellor Agard.
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Dan Harmon On ‘Community’: Series Primer | EW’s Binge | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Gemma Malone says

    Dan always makes it sound like only young women liked Jeff/Annie (because they were teenage girls who wanted to be with older men? God, no.) when most fans that I've talked, regardless of gender or age, to wanted them together by the end. Not all, obviously, but it's a majority so far as I can tell. I just hope if there's a movie, they don't try to keep up the idea that the age difference is such a huge deal – two established adults with 10+ years of friendship having a large age gap isn't that scandalous, especially as the character of Annie would be about 30 by now.

  2. Vox Nihili says

    Community is my all time favorite TV show! I‘m really glad Netflix decided to air it, finally giving it the attention it always deserved.
    I‘ve probably watched it 12 times already and I will never stop! Ever! Dan Harmon is a magician and the writers are incredible. The whole cast is just wonderful! Thanks for making my life a little bit better.

  3. diffusiononline says

    Currently rewatching S1…it's a joy

  4. Dunder Mifflin Paper LLC says

    Dan Harmon causally saying "Dadoi" brought the biggest smile to my face

  5. youtoober2013 says

    "That's what you've heard, however… I WISH YOU LUCK!" LMFAO … classic.

  6. Joey Wilson says

    I'm so happy for Dan!

  7. Shaun Bucknole says

    I love Dan Harmon, he’s so honest and clever. That’s what I loved about this show. It combines the best of sillyness and real human emotion.

  8. Sharktooth says

    Years later, I appreciate this insight into the show. Finally getting the spotlight it deserves.

  9. Andrew Cunningham says

    I watched Community for the first time when it came on Netflix last month and instantly loved it. Like, it's up there with golden age Simpsons for me. It's kind of cool to see it for the first time as all this other retrospective stuff is coming out.

  10. Aaron H says

    These dudes actually asked really good questions! WHen they mentioned #sixseasonsandamovie, I thought 'here comes the usual question of "Movie when?", but then they didn't. That showed class

  11. tyler mccann says

    I've watched this series. 10 thru. Just finished free months ago on Hulu. Else I don't understand is why a resurgence on Netflix, but nothing on Hulu… Having community was big reason I got Hulu and then go Hulu live

  12. Alexander Kaiser says

    This makes me really miss Harmontown…started Community after I started listening to Harmontown, havent finished it yet, trying to milk it.

  13. cardcaptorclaire says

    god harmon really is a fucking genious.

  14. PLarsenl94 says

    Chancellor Agard is a cool as fuck name

  15. Ghadente says

    Can't wait for the Chevy Chase interview! ?

  16. Scott C A says

    In no way is the 'ass' in jackass a swear word. That bleep was the bleep of an illiterate.

  17. sailorgillan says

    lol its been on canadian netflix for years! 🙂

  18. Stephanie Picarra says

    I watched Drop Dead Fred as a kid and loved that last scene so its cool to learn that Annie’s and Jeff’s last kiss was influenced by that. Hit the perfect note too sweet and authentic and giving closure. Thanks EW for all the Community videos been enjoying them so much!

  19. Nina says

    Dan Harmon gave the best answers, I got lost in them in a good way. They made me want to write more. He should never apologize for being so much and giving so much.

  20. Bad Manna says

    6 Seasons and a Movie! Where's the movie???

  21. Rich Quebas says

    This interview kind of confirmed a sense I had that Jeff and Britta represent the type of good looking vapid people the wrirlters love/envy so much growing up that they hate them. Annie is the embodiment of how the writers think of themselves, virtuous by way of their innocence….

  22. RandomPlayIist says

    If the goal was to placate the small but vocal shippers that watched the show, I think "romantic without being sexual" was the only thing they could have done with Jeff and Annie. That was the best way to walk that fine line I think. It's surprising that he was even trying to appease the fangirls in the first place though. But yeah, I bet that was a tricky thing to write because that relationship had an almost incestuous nature because of the age difference so to make it anything more would be creepy.

  23. DifferentWorlds says

    Dan Harmon has such an interesting mind

  24. jimijackson says

    The first two seasons were gold. Season 4 was….sigh

  25. flein fjes says

    fucking great! this might be my new favorite youtube channel!

  26. Club Astro Transcendental Motor says

    I just watched all 6 seasons on Netflix and I agree with Harmon here. The show does not find it's footing into past the midpoint of the first season. I even thought the pilot was one of the most formulaic and unfunny introductions to a show I have seen. My favorite season is 3 because it's when they go absolutely beyond trying to play by the rules of most sitcoms. They got daring. You can see the drop in quality on season 4. Big mistake bringing in new show runners.

  27. Ezequiel Baez Cambra says

    I'm from Argentina. I had no idea this show existed, I started watching it last week and I've just finished it. What an incredible show, really unlike anything I've ever seen, I'm so glad I found this interviews, keep it up!


  28. Frank Wagner says

    What would be better than a Community movie? Making Rick and Morty great again.

  29. Will McCarthy says

    the poster in the back says "Bear Down" that needs to be chang'd

  30. Taariq Nawaz says

    the guy is a genius

  31. Koori Graywolf says

    The reason why the conceptual episodes were so heartfelt despite the wackyness is because they still tied with realistic storylines that had realistic consequences. The guys are awkward around Pierce in the 2nd paintball because he was being voted out of the group, Abed will be in real trouble if the doesn't snap out of his claymation vision, Troy has to get to the thermostat otherwise everyone dies from an infection, Jeff is having GI Joe visions because he's in a coma… The storylines themselves were engaging instead of just doing a conceptual episode for the sake of having a conceptual episode. The big exception is obviously the one with the puppets.

  32. Michael Hattem says

    That 30 mins went by in about 60 seconds.

  33. Mac Db[DNS] says

    oh Dan… i miss you!

  34. CrazySavage says

    it was good…but it was also cringe at some parts

  35. rgmcphee says

    I LOVE Community!

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