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This is what I’m doing when I’m not posting YouTube videos. For a change I decided to film what I do at school, and show you guys some actual problems that software developers have to solve.

There’s not much content on YouTube which actually shows real software dev, usually people just talk and don’t really explain what they’re doing. I want to take it upon myself to show what actually happens when writing software and if there’s enough interest I can make videos as I am programming some new personal projects. On those I can actually show you guys code, and do whatever I want.

What year / major / school?
– Second year computer science at university of guelph

What language?
– Almost everything for my assignments is written in C, I’ve had one Java course. Personally I know Java the most, then C, some web stuff for my website (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap), as well as R for stats courses. Oh and assembly haha that was fun.

How old is u?
– 19

Where u at?
– Canada

Why did u quit ur gaming channel?
– I want to be productive and create cool shit. Been working on many interesting side projects that I usually keep separate from YouTube but thinking about making videos about them. Gaming videos feel like a dead end for me creatively.

When can you post another video?
– When I’m not a slave to the education system (if everyone sent me a nice sum of money I could start my own company and be set, in the meantime subscribe and follow all my social medias will help)

Can I see some code / what’s next??
– ye look at my github (link under socials)

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– Desk Microphone (Blue Yeti):
– DSLR (Canon T7i):
– Wide Lens (Tokina 11-16mm F2.8):
– Full list of gear:

VAGUE003 – drowning

TNGLWD RECORDS – BAD GRAMMAR – Headright (Prod. machinesix & SABII)

a l e x – Growing Up, Vol. 1 [preview]

a l e x – double scoop [forthcoming]

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  1. Abdullah Yusuf says

    yo can you make videos which subjects we will study in computer engineering

  2. Prism_Cye says

    What coding language do you use most of the time I personally love c# and java

  3. Crusador3715 Chouhan says

    0:58 " 3 idiots " ???

  4. Adrian Woods says

    WARNING Dont ever buy off PC Direct. Total scam

  5. clicky Devs says

    i've done this shit in high school lmao

  6. Yanpieer Romero Salazar says

    1 hour thinking about project dev omg
    You have to do a video about that (':
    It's really interesting
    I want to know your thinking way about the programming :3

  7. Sorry We're Open says

    I want to go to University for a Degree in Computer Science but I feel the learning curve is too pronounced….

    Should I learn basic programming before enrolling? If so, which languages? I've ordered a raspberry pi and am gonna be messing around with Python.

    Any other recommendations on how to better prepare my brain for an intellectual raping would be greatly appreciated.

  8. ChrisDaFish says

    This inspired me to do computer science… idk why but thank you!

  9. Armand Van Den Berg says

    Funny how im literally doing the same kind of assignment right now…and im all the way from South Africa haha

  10. Hemant Sharma says

    Hey Indian Viewers,
    If you love watching Devon Crawford, I guess you would like an Indian guy to make such videos too, well tbh I am a high-school teenager from India who has bean learning Java since the last four years and have just started to learn Python as well, I have also started to make interesting videos like of Devon's, the content is not copied guys I will be doing more like other projects in the same field and some of them same as his. Please support me and let's make something like this for Indian viewers too, let's inspire the young India guys, the upcoming India needs direction. Thanks for reading this far, If interested then please give a quick look at the channel I've just started it.

  11. Michelle T says

    Finally a day in the life that was actually interesting and funny

  12. Thyia Colt says

    i love hearing anyone talk about programs and algorithms

  13. Adver Space says
  14. rjn ku says

    Are you that guy who was in video titled youngest CEO ?

  15. Gamer Gameplay says

    Wt is ur age

  16. J cob says

    so what is html ? lol

  17. Cecilia Pricilia says

    I feel you bud, good luck .. I just got my computer science degree ??

  18. Kavya Pokharel says

    Hey, which programming language do they teach in cmp science classes?

  19. Clara Pigone says

    The binary encoding string codes for your name are wrong because they are lower case, btw. <3

  20. Mahiat Shan says

    So you're telling me my study room has to look like that if I'm a CS student?!

  21. Przemek Błaszczyk says

    yoo studying actually seems cool

  22. Danylo Smoliienko says

    I watched this video more than year ago. I was laughing. Now im studying CS. Im crying

  23. Infernna says

    i want to do this as a job but now i’m not so sure lol

  24. Kindagay Brobutok says

    What happens on March 5 2018?

  25. Roar says

    I found you on twitch and i've found myself on your youtube multiple times. Keep up the good content 🙂

  26. Benjamin Covers says

    This is the life of J Perm

  27. EpicHats says

    400k GG

  28. Foxry says

    I am DDT students for Software & Application Development and watching your video make my brain explode more than my lecturers.. Just what did I learn in class again? ???

  29. Yt P says

    0:00 to 0:08 pretty much sums up my life

  30. Emily Roldan says

    For the first time I understand what he meant in I’m still in middle school ?

  31. Name Name says

    What are you styding ?!

  32. Andrei Ardelean says

    I'm starting computer science in september in London and i am super interested about what are you studying. Keep making vlogs like this, but go beyond a 6-10 minute length. Do something more like 15 minutes 🙂

  33. Luke Videckis says

    Looks like your divide and conquer convex hull is on average O(n*log^2(n)):

    T(n) = 2*T(n/2) + n*log(n)

  34. Static Junior says

    1:29 song?

  35. Alex says

    logic gate IC

  36. Astro Nautik says

    Actually makes nerding look cool. I work as an RF tech for the FAA i WISH i had gotten into writing it looks so fascinating (and equally frustrating i'm sure)

  37. Blisc says

    Computer technology vs computer science which one is worth it?

  38. Blisc says

    Computer technology vs computer science which one is worth it?

  39. Blisc says

    Computer technology vs computer science which one is worth it

  40. rodah saif says

    Sharpen your pencil my dude

  41. rainingberries says

    You start your class at 10:30?!?!?!

    Man we start at 6:30 in the morning ._.

  42. DaStealthyArcher says

    i likes programming websites!!!! 🙂 wanna get more into c programming

  43. rhAbyss says

    year 10 here , just watch vids like this. Software engineering or computer science?

  44. InsertNameHere says

    Public Boolean static void

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