Design and Animation of Agricultural Sprayer-Mechanical Engineering Project


Agricultural based Mechanical Project- Agricultural Sprayer.

Abstract —The spraying is traditionally done by labour carrying backpack type sprayer which requires more human effort. The weeding is the generally done with the help of Bulls becomes for small land farmers. Similarly the seed sowing application is also done with the help of bulls, which in the present age is time consuming and laborious. So to overcome these above problems a machine is developed which will be beneficial to the farmer for the spraying and weeding operation along with the seed sowing application. A multifunction device will come in handy that can be put to use in different stages of farmig as per requirement.

Working : The connecting link is engaged to the piston of the sprayer pump which moves forward and backward to give pump action and increase pressure inside the pump which is further used to spray the pesticide when the valve is opened on the sprayer pipe.

Advantages of Agricultural sprayer :
1. Human effort in pumping is saved.
2. Less tiresome as compared to the conventional sprayer as the tank is carried on vehicle.
3. Increases the capacity of spraying.
4. Two pumping outputs per rotation of crank, so tank charging is faster.
5. Cost effective as compared to automatic sprayers.

Application :
1. Agriculture
2. Florticulture
3. Horticulture
4. Spraying of germicide

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  8. eshan says

    Hello sir ye design mujhe chahiye ap mujhe bana ke de sakte h kya

  9. eshan says

    Hello sir ye design mujhe chahiye ap mujhe bana ke de sakte h kya

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    Mechanical engg. Project
    crop reaper

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    You can visit our YouTube Channel for 3D animated process animation videos. Process Animation shows inherent production processes and manufacturing methodologies which helps normal people understand the concept even better. Our creative designers transform the complex or mundane processes into superbly sculpted 3D models with vivid visualization and presence.

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