Direct Hit! Some of the best run-outs in recent years


There’s no better sight for the fielding side – enjoy a collection of the best direct-hit run outs we’ve seen over the past few Aussie summers

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  1. Charlie Lythgoe says

    Lol I’ve just watched Roston Chase run out by direct hit in 3rd test live

  2. Joel Philip says

    Some excellent run outs which are not included
    1) Ishan Kishan run out Dhoni in 2019 IPL
    2) Sheldon Cottrel run out grandhomme in 2019 WC
    3) Jadeja run out Ross Taylor in 2019 Wc
    4) guptill run out dhoni in 2019 WC..

  3. saurav majumdar says

    Last one is the best one

  4. Pardeep Vinyak says


  5. Rohit Singh says

    Australia good fielding

  6. RAJAT TANEJA says


  7. Sajid kundi says

    Fakhar Runout Mcdermot is missing ? Can't believe

  8. Anupam Patil says

    That was the only way Pujara was going to be out that day..

  9. Ahmed Raza says

    The art. Direct hit. The artist sir jhonti rhodes

  10. Arun Sundar says

    Miller and Smith's throws were so good
    Babar's second run was a risk

  11. Anjali Tiwari says

    So old

  12. Rishi k says

    You have missed jadega's run out Shoeb malik…it was really amazing…what a great reflex..

  13. KHUSHBU VORA says

    6:17 Pujara to shami- bhagja bhagja

    6:19: Cummins to Pujara – ab tu pavilion ko bhag.

  14. Prasad Koli says

    Sir jadeja

  15. PETistry ! says

    What about the back to back mcdermot run outs vs Pakistan. Those were mindblowing.

  16. Ravi Kumar Jha says

    Pat Cummins direct hit for me that was the best run out.

  17. Saxena says

    Girls are more talented to do run out.???

  18. Barron Coffman says

    I don’t know anything about cricket but do they hit that stick very often?

  19. Pranav Sabu says

    From where do you get these run outs to upload without copyright?

  20. Moga Deet says

    There's a lot of money in women's cricket then CA? We know that the only thing that CA is interested in is money.

  21. mainak bose says

    Everyone is gangsta..until bavuma does the run out..???

  22. punya sharma says

    Where is bavuma from 2016 Perth ?

  23. sandeep lvrs says

    Jadeja's rocket arm ?

  24. Parimal Singh says

    The last was the best!!!

  25. Mohd Uzaib Qureshi says

    1 jaddu
    2 Miller

  26. #### be learner says

    4:50 hit like

  27. Amit Hattimare says

    A lot of cases from women's cricket

  28. 100% Natural says

    Runouts without jadeja is impossible? waiting for jaddu

  29. varun parashar says

    Thumbnail is pujara getting run out by cummins..?

  30. Smruti Ranjan says

    Bhai ABD sir ka kaha hai… That was one of the best I hv ever seen

  31. Jitender Kumar says

    Archer, Archer and Archer. The best one.

  32. Roopjinder Singh says

    Pat Cummins was the best.

  33. 1000 Subscribers without any video Challenge says

    They forgot to add Haris Rauf's thriller run out !


  34. Aakash Kumar says

    Jadeja only one video ?

  35. Ashok T says

    I expected Temba Bavuma's direct hit of Warner in this video

  36. sahdev sharma says

    Where is ponting runout by sir Jadeja

  37. Crank Frank says

    Jofra Archer ????

  38. AJ71 jain says

    4.45 best ???

  39. Tayler Patton says

    Who was the Sixers player just over a minute in? Curran?

  40. Shehreyar Shahzad says

    At 4:45 u can see he is in

  41. Yahya Nadeem says

    Pakistan ka koi bhi nhi ha

  42. Striker Soccer says

    0:27 that's good enough ??

  43. PA Shah says

    Title should be
    Best run-outs by australia or against australia

  44. baba kunwar says

    Superman Cummins shows why he is one of the top cricketers going around.

  45. kashif shaikh says

    Where is VIRAT KOHLI'S run out of Joe Root … ?

  46. Oliver Fouche says

    That is some good fielding guys

  47. Naveen Mallampati says

    Where is that Buwama running out Warner.. What a classic run out it was.. How CricketAus could miss it? The mid air pose of Buwama reminds me off Jonty Rhodes..


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