DIY – How To Make NBA Basketball Board Game From Magnetic Balls ( Satisfying ) | Magnet World 4K


DIY – How To Make NBA Basketball Board Game From Magnetic Balls ( Satisfying ) | Magnet World 4K

Hi, Today i make NBA basketball board game from magnetic balls! Ya, it is second time i made basketball board game because i really love play basketball, very very love basketball. And i think you will love it like me so i made this basketball board game. Enjoy satisfying and relax.

NBA basketball board game ver 1 here :

And someone tell me they feel satisfying and asmr in my video so if you have any feeling, you can comment in below, i will very happy ^^

If you like my video and feel it is creative, fun, satisfying and relax so you can leave a comment in below tell me about your feeling.

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  1. Magnet World says

    Where you from? tell me !

  2. •ღAlexia Juegosღ• says

    me aburrroo

  3. 17th Strategic Unruly says

    Gummy l.

  4. J VALAND says

    Where do you get those magnets

  5. Lisa Vonita says

    I love the idea ❤️

  6. Zozo hamid says


  7. Juan M. Mier says

    Al reporte de De ?

  8. Gabriel Moreno says

    Alguien me puede decir como se llaman esas cosas

  9. Francisco silva e Silva Silva e Silva says


  10. ayu krisna says


  11. dayz af says

    Its so satisfying and calming me

  12. dayz af says

    Its so satifayaung

  13. dayz af says

    So satifaing

  14. Skittlez Perez says

    This reminding me of Kobe ????

  15. Aileen and Pogam says


  16. معمر TDM says


  17. Azka Putra says


  18. Pamela Schols says

    Ik wil die magneetjes ook

  19. Jermaine Montgomery says

    im from michgan

  20. Jyotsna Vsn says


  21. Alexander Babista says

    I live in the phillipines lucban,quezon

  22. Jessica Doud says

    I like this one because it's my brother's favorite sport

  23. Carmelita Rosales says

    Saan po yan binibile

  24. Ben Oliver says

    I just got home and I’m in the race Ka-chow

  25. dilara demir says

    Corona virüs

  26. Benjamin says

    ??????nice shoot??????
    1:05 ???

  27. Hezekiah Meyers says

    beautifull play
    1:17 ????

  28. Drake Preston says

    just amazing
    1:37 ???
    ? ??

  29. Scott Morgan says

    just can live without basketball
    0:44 ??
    ? ? ? ???

  30. Samuel Black says

    just amazing
    0:50 ?
    ? ? ? ? ???

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