Do These Three Things Every Day for a Healthy Life | #WorldHealthDay


Sadhguru shares three simple tips to live a healthy life: Eating Right, Sleeping Well and a surprising third one – Consuming Honey!

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. Dada Moideen says


  2. Mahima Tribhuvan says

    Sleeping is not only rest of also rest of brain…

  3. Mahima Tribhuvan says

    Honey shld nt be taken with any warm (thing )food as said in grantha's.. EXPLAIN

  4. Fatima Chang says

    yes u right.



  6. jaswinder kaur says

    Kiya hum during pregnancy honey daily lai skde aa

  7. Monica Jaitapkar says

    I like ur voice so calmly u speak.Thank u for giving us knowledge.I want to know whether v can take tea in between meals.U said u must keep 5 to 6 hours gab between meals.God bless u with good health always.

  8. Sylvie says

    En français ???

  9. One Mirron says

    Does anybody know what kind of watch he is wearing ?

    It looks very good. I want to get one just like him.

  10. SR NEWS says


  11. Indira Divakaran says


  12. vijay kumar says

    It is very important suggestion all of you to do all the activities everyone and all of you will get the good health in future.

  13. a Fehres says

    Been sting by lots off bees, honey is the secrect gold. I hope it will love the raw honey.


    Health is Wealth

  15. joy joseph says


  16. Mukundhrao B says

    Nice speech sadhguru ji

  17. Rosemary leonetti/finelli says

    I have alot of Crisis in my life so I understand thank you

  18. Prabha Singh says

    Words are very clear

  19. Smita Shah says


  20. Elvie Javellana says


  21. Guru master says

    Good and healthy information@gurumaster

  22. Monika Sukul says

    Can I put honey in my tea?

  23. David Sheriff says

    Walking barefoot resets your electrical balance as the Earth is electricity..

  24. Gokila Vani says

    Can we consume honey in warmwater @ any time in a day or else is there any specific timing to consume pls rply

  25. BOOST UP BEAUTY says


  26. Raku Shah says

    Pranam dadaji.dadaji.
    A risk free life is far from bring a healthy life.

  27. naomi s.o says

    Thank you so much?

  28. iLike Austin Goh says

    Honey everyday?
    Not sounding like a raw vegan to me!

  29. Lffuwefg Seghhfd says

    4th tip is ???.fan

  30. Izhar Ahmed says

    It is mention in Yajur veda chapter number: 32 verse number 3 "GOD HAS NO 'PRATIMA'(IDOL) OR MATERIAL SHAPE" so,why Hindus have idols ??

  31. Nari Shemintarc says

    Why would honey raise my iron levels?

  32. Mrs Wellness says

    Loving it! I just sat, at ease with my body, sipping my warm water & honey

  33. Hannele Seppänen says

    Suomennusta pleaae.

  34. Omolola Shodunke says

    I really wish I can meet sir Sadhguru one on one…. Ur wisdom is one of a kind

  35. Allah Hernandez says

    I’m not going to say much all I have to say is killing and eating animals is a sin is the cause of all our sickness aging and dying.

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