Doki Doki Exit Music Part 2


Doki Doki Exit Music: Made by OliverCNorton


If you want to check out the mod it can be found here:

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  1. Jaxsterminator says


  2. Dead Shot says

    (Cocks shotgun) Goddamnit sayori! (Slams table) wich one hurt you!

  3. Itshaxerboi says

    I really just skipped exit music cause I thought it was dumb but then I was watching the puzzled memories and crimson rose (shattered worlds) series and realised that all three of them are connected, But now I’m watching it and realising how wrong I was

  4. kryiio says

    Monika ain't havin anyone's shit.

    PS: Love this because like the only other Exit Music playthough I could find off the bat was Bijuu Mike or whatever and he skips shit and WONT SHUT UP I WANT A SILENT PLAYTHROUGH DAMNIT!

  5. Jaxsterminator says
  6. Jaxsterminator says

    I like Monika in this mod. It's so… original! Even though she was a big jerk, the music chosen during that moment and when MC tried to save Natsuki is my favorite in the entire mod! Oliver should've played this a lot more!

  7. Nikita Belyaev228 says

    21:45 action is coming

  8. LegoMETAL44 says

    if i was in this situation i would of lost my mental shit by now

  9. Killer Kitty Gaming says

    Monika is triggered and salty

  10. Life is a joke says

    I know this is supposed to be serious but…
    9:07 sayori starts to slowly disappear

  11. Bloody Steel says

    Let me get this straight, Sayori is mad at monika, then she is mad at the MC because of Natsuki being with him, Monika is mad at everyone and showed Yuri's secret, Yuri is mad at Monika for being a B*tch, and im over here still wondering what Nats dad is doing.

  12. Thousandeyes85 says

    love the added piano music

  13. Hank Hill says

    Only episode 2 and this mod is already fucked. Great.

  14. Munchikins! ♥ says

    Dude, why didn't he grab Yuri?! He left her with MONIKA!!!

  15. Yuri DDLC says

    I hated this day cries

  16. pikachaz2 says

    This is why Monika is the worst girl to ever exist. I would have punched her if I was Orber.

  17. Smith is coming says

    whens part 3 coming? i'm loving your content!

  18. TheDashNSlash says

    28:49 …NATSUKI!

  19. DS12 says

    I see that the mod's still being developed, seeing how there's a part two of this.

  20. Live Coil Archive says

    Jesus Christ, that escalated quickly!! Can't wait for more, man! Great mod! 😀

  21. Kakkoi Borri says

    Monika? More like Wrongika

  22. Amber Kelley says

    Can You Do Murder Case

  23. Pink Melany says

    Thank you for doing another one I can’t wait for the next one ?

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