Dolce&Gabbana Men’s Spring Summer 2020 #DGSicilianTropical Fashion Show


Return to the tropics and look at the Dolce&Gabbana Men’s Spring Summer 2020. Discover all the Fashion Show contents at #DGSicilianTropical #DGMenSS20 #DolceGabbana

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  1. Bolívar Ginez says

    Lo único que me gustó fue el arreglo floral.

  2. Shuanta Allen says


  3. Alan Suess says

    Does anyone know who the music being played was?

  4. Basil Malicsi says

    I want every outfit!!!

  5. helpau says

    1:22 this Jacket ufffff

  6. 용두사미용미사두 says

    6:20 so great ?

  7. IAM HE says

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  8. Richard Leclerc says

    embarrassingly silly girly clothing for 5 year olds.

  9. j mike says

    Doesn't anyone remember the negative comments made by Dolce and Gabbana about for remarks about IVF and gay families????

  10. Stfani Mamute says


  11. Enrique Luna says

    I don't get goose bumps anymore

  12. THEX says

    Love the Cuban influence. These pants! Wish I was a guy right now. Lol

  13. Elijah Antunes says


  14. Azhari Z. says

    please make me your one of the models. i like this concept.

  15. Nordisk Katt says

    Can't say that I like this new style development. D&G have traditionally been really good at incorporating feminine elements into male clothing, like lace, embroidery, and pearls. That looks good, and refined. These animal prints and tropical prints and sports-inspired looks are just… loud. And kind of vulgar, honestly. I also don't like the weird boxy/square shape they are going for in the shirts; these models have beautiful, slender bodies, and the clothes should make them look as good as possible, not hide them! Hopefully, this was just a weird little experiment, much like the weird experiment of having influencers walk down the runway a few years ago! It's good to see real models back, anyway.

  16. pianomanhere says

    Magnificent show.

  17. Andres Salazar says

    Como se llama la musica que se colocó

  18. あ あ says


  19. Pipe Karmona says


  20. Edwin Nurtonn says

    06:13 as the thumbnail

  21. Tina Tastegood says

    Love the looks…????

  22. G YamBal says


  23. Arman Mislang says

    Who are the models at 5:55 and 6:08?

  24. John Hilliard says


  25. Ever García says

    I couldn’t take a smile off my face during the runway. What a beautiful show! The collection is so elegant and just gorgeous. ?

  26. CB Mateas says

    Right… I need a cold shower after that.

  27. Daniel Mendes says


  28. John 316 says

    First models come out with a man purse. Ya, try wearing that to the gun range and convincing people that's my ammo pouch.

  29. 이지연 says

    oh my go. 6:37 so sexy

  30. Francis Freespirit says

    the first shirtless guy at 6:45 with great chest is so wonderfully handsome, someone know his name ?

  31. Francis Freespirit says

    the first shirtless guy at 6:45 with great chest is so wonderfully handsome, someone know his name ?

  32. Sultan Risdian Abi says

    I love it!!!

  33. Luca Mattei says

    Jambo bwana dicevi tu, guardando me

  34. Late to the Game says

    Many of these models… are they models?

  35. Anh Tang says


  36. Nähwichtel Nähen says

    gorillas in the fog

  37. vitali novitsky says

    Honestly I don’t know who will buy and would be dare to wear this in regular basic / day by day routine .. maybe for some tv show or music videos .. but this collection is very far from reality of men needs ..

  38. Juan Carlos Amell says

    Parece disfrazados

  39. Серега Домовой says


  40. Edge says

    “Preppy Boy Hunting in Africa Meets Organized Crime Thugs” theme

  41. Jeremy Smith says

    This collection is garbage think Dolce Gabbana are running out of ideas ….

  42. brooklyn says

    Who the hell wears this stuff?

  43. Nazik janubaevna says


  44. Alita Rochelle Copney says

    Make room on the Kat walk "ROBERTJEROME HE IS COMING".

  45. Fabio Mangia says

    Ciao Sono Fabio, gli abiti molto belli,

  46. Qlink User says

    I would like to wear and own Dolce

  47. Richard Matthis says


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