DOOM CROSSING: Eternal Horizons ■ Music Video feat. Natalia Natchan


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We couldn’t walk past the most unexpected game crossover of 2020. With “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and “DOOM Eternal” released the same day, the adorable duo of Isabelle and Doom Slayer aka Doom Guy has spread across the Internet.
We thought that it may be a good idea to mix the sound of both worlds into one song and animation!

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We are The Chalkeaters, the gaming music project based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We make comedy songs and music videos about video games, gaming industry and related memes.


Song “Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons” by

Executive producer / songwriter: Alios [ ]

Composer / arranger: Ergy [ ]

Sound producer, arranger and engineer: Masel [ hire: ]

“Animal Crossing” artist / cover artist: Pondis [ ]

“DOOM” artist: Hunternif [ ]

Character animator: Yumi the Cat [ ]

Motion designer, supporting animator and supporting sound engineer: Lenich [ ]


Isabelle vocals:
Natalia Natchan aka PiNKII [ ]

“DOOM” supporting artist: Fedor Titov [ ]
Brutal “DOOM” voice: Jonathan Luhmann
Piano: Dmitry Kovzel
Flugelhorn: Kelly O’Donohue


Special thanks to Mick Gordon and Kazumi Totaka for amazingly beautiful game soundtracks that in many ways inspired this song!

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  1. superglitchywilliam1 says

    I’d pay for this to be on the radio

  2. Ninjapilot10 says

    0:58 I'm scared of buff Isabelle

  3. Smashwolf says

    I want both doom and animal crossing

  4. Crystal Goddess says

    0:37 So, we're just going to ignore the fact that it looks like K.K. Slider is playing a guitar that looks like it was originally the Marauder's axe? How is he fine being that close to Argent Energy? How did he get his hands on that thing in the first place? So many questions. Something tells me the demons should fear K.K. Slider just as much as they fear Isabelle and Doomguy.

  5. Ryan playz ROBLOX says

    0:12 when the Corona came to town xD

  6. Silenos says

    I want someone to cover this, and make it even more metal, still a female lead with backing, And also i want this to become an actual anime, where isabel leaves with doom guy and travels trough hell. Then only pauses to take vacation in animal crossing. To then leave and go back in. But make it dark, gory, and metal as fuck. I would love that.

  7. David Gabriel Manzano says


  8. rachsafff _ says

    Ya boy Doom slayer don't need daisy anymore.

  9. Deus faz assim says

    ( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )

  10. Nobul gaming says

    The one word Satan says when he sees Isabelle and doom guy

    O H. H E L L. N. O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anarchist Trash says

    I need to learn this on guitar

  12. HUMANZZZ says

    Owner: It's fine he doesn't bite

    His dog: 0:25

  13. gogeta69z says

    This just what I needed

  14. Bruno Miranda says

    Daisy left some void in Doom Guy's life Isabelle came to fill up.

  15. Bruno Miranda says

    That's sooooo BLOODYYYY cuuuute…



  17. Cihan Serdar Kızılcık says

    even doomguy is cute at this

  18. GameTime with aeonlight2014 says

    Isabelle when Doomguy tells her to kill demons: "I get that they're demons and all, but I don't feel comfortable killing livin-"
    Doomguy: "They killed my rabbit Daisy and put her head on a pike."
    Isabelle: beats every doom game simultaneously in a single instant through the sheer power of rage

  19. Nobody expects the Inquisition! says

    Someone send this to Micky boi.

  20. Split Atom says

    Anime? Is that you?

  21. Jesus Suarez says

    100/10 IGN

  22. Potato Gaming time with potato bro says

    I like this song!

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