Downloading interesting tactics off Steam Workshop for Football Manager.. / FM20


Well, this was interesting!

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Relaxed Football Manager content, both on YouTube and Twitch! Avid runner, and keen lover of keeping fit. We cover tutorials, experiments, lets plays, how too’s and many more! Be sure to catch me live on Twitch! Hope you chose to join the Foxes ❤️

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  1. Lucky Madhava says

    Thank you for the content, Any example of the so-called "Gamebreaking or exploits" for the last patch would be appreciated. I love watching goals from setpiece bugs/exploits any suggestions for 20.4.1 patch, please. What instructions should I setup?

  2. TOTALmtg says

    Absolutely loving your videos

  3. terry nash says

    I need advice made formation was doing amazing then players just start making silly mistakes all of a sudden can anything be done or do I just change players?

  4. Karl Harris says

    Again. Just goes to show how random fm is

  5. Jon Andrews says

    Really enjoying your content.

    Gegenpress style tactics are hugely OP in FM20. Channels like FM Scout always come out with these super powerful tactics but they all have the same theme – much higher defensive line, much higher line of engagement, extremely urgent pressing, overlapping attacking wing backs. That seems to work no matter what. I've seen some playing with that style with just 2 in defence and it works. Personally I avoid making tactics like this to avoid OP.

  6. Whitey says

    Merci coach

  7. dineria says

    I actually used the third one… well he has two with the same names I think. And i finished 3rd in Bundesliga but with a mid table team.
    However, good video

  8. Callum Brown says

    FoxInTheBoxFM Can you please do your personal best tactic to use for the current Arsenal team & Chelsea please that be much help ?

  9. TheBazzterd U'r Average Gamer says

    So at least 2 of the 3 tactics are used and made with a top team… and u try them with Norwich -_- Fighting off relegation or fighting for titles is a big difference…also if u do this u need to ban transfers, cuz 1 good signing can do a lot in this game. So this video is saying actually nothing.

  10. James Woodward says

    Merci Coach

  11. Vincent Chen says

    This was actually so interesting, definitely do more of these mad tactic type videos. Maybe make the challenge harder i.e taking Ligue 1 from PSG as Monaco or any other French side

  12. g0dseye says

    another quality vid from the fox. looking foward to the next. ??

  13. dark phoenix says

    Make a video on set piece?

  14. Taonga Luo says

    High press tactics are over powered in FM20.

  15. James Shone says

    The first one is my go to at the moment

  16. Sam Clarke says

    Wow what a video definitely worthy that wait great vid foxy

  17. Smith89123 says

    I think this video proves a little bit, that there is a reason most of the overpowered tactics out there have a ton of team instructions.

  18. -Gacho says

    the only thing that could make it maybe better if you didnt do 3 different seasons to allow the team to get familiar with the tactic. transfers could play a part, but could allow the AI to make transfers or not. but i feel like results might even be better maybe?

  19. Joel Dennison says

    Please do the same tactic with 3 different teams to find out how team/player ability affects the tactics performance

  20. Oilspill says

    great content keep it up!

  21. David Barnett says

    Very interesting video. Sort of confirms that you need a team to fit the tactic, not the other way round. Keep up great job

  22. Stephen Reader says

    Another great watch. I enjoy the tactic testing.

  23. Sam Foster says

    I’ve had so many teasers about this video on twitch, I’ve been waiting for it all week long!

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