Drag Racing v1.6 Pagani Zonda R 12.235


credit to KOD_RcrTuns for sharing this tune.

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  1. Doyko Doykov says

    Bro thank you very much for this video!It really helped me a lot!!!Now I have a tuned beast in the garage!Thanks a lot!

  2. gentleman says

    zonda lvl8: fd3000-1800-1000-900-820-710-540

  3. Airam Cutino says

    I bought a pagani zonda r and I dint know what to do with it this video was really helpful

  4. Mariana Mohammed says

    Final drive i put 1.749 and get 238 as the bestest, thx for the rest.

  5. FatalityGamer says

    у меня 12,240

  6. Вован Ворошилов says

    Запили гт 500

  7. ar13f1992 says

    awesome tune 😀 its really work !!

  8. Николай Авджикян says

    Денис у тебя в топах лучшие резы, а тюнинг не показываешь) молодец)

  9. Iuli Krasy says

    Hello ProTunes!:) .. Can you do a video with Nissan Nismo 370z?

  10. downhillfreakshessen says

    Can you do lvl Bugatti Veyron 1/2 mile tune and for lvl 7 Gumpert Apollo and for lvl 7 Dodge Viper, Please`?

  11. Jared Fox says

    Hey Protunes, Make a lvl 9 Porsche 9ff Gt9R tune please, id appreciate it

  12. lorenzo valenzuela says

    Can you do a lvl 9 venom 1/4 tune?

  13. Jaume97 says

    All YouTubers see this only for setup 🙂

  14. Erc Fellexster says

    Sup Pro… Its been a while. Thankz 4 this tune pro. U r the best.

  15. Firza Syachreza says

    Useful tune! Thanks

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