Easy Cinnamon Rolls – Healthier, Faster, Only One Rise



Jenny Jones shares her easy recipe for healthy homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch. This faster one-rise recipe makes soft and gooey buns that are low fat and delicious.



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  1. Super 8 Rescue says

    You're gonna love my Buns? yikes.

  2. Harley Man says

    Mmmmm your buns look sooooooooo tasty,,,,yummy.

  3. mary brockenshire says

    Love Jenny Jones, miss her talk show so much, love all her recipes.

  4. J says

    I love your innuendos. My type of person.

  5. Clola7 Tore says

    This is the best cinnamon roll recipe I’ve ever tried! My whole family loved them! I also added some apples to the filling adds more flavor (: this is my go to recipe for now on thank you!

  6. Adrian Starkiller says

    I've had better (homemade cinnamon rolls)

  7. mille says

    Can I use instant yeast?

  8. Rick Richardson says

    "who's your daddy" ? pretty funny.

  9. Jo M says

    I found you by accident, now I have to get baking! I'm in my 70s and on my own but nothing will be wasted! Cinnamon at the ready. Thanks Jenny. To hell with lockdown.

  10. Ariane Orilla says

    Can i try it without oven?just by steaming

  11. Shakhzoda Fayzullaeva says

    What can we use instead of brown sugar? We don't have brown sugar in my country?

  12. Sandy Schneider says


  13. angie castillo says

    What can you substitute the yeast for in the cinnamon rolls.

  14. ruth doyle says

    Love your recipe Jenny so quick and simple to make , no unnecessary adds on to be delicious soft and fluffy I made these today and I’ve just polished one off with a hot cup of coffee ?

  15. Jeya Juyapragason says

    I tried this recipe for the first time.. just perfect! The cinnamon rolls were so soft & nice. Thanks Jenny.. I'm inspired by you to try more baking recipes. Here you go! Subscribed your channel ??

  16. Hlengiwe Sibanda says

    I love spanking my dough too it feels good

  17. tag qasim says

    Love this recipe, and love ur channel Jenny! I will definitely make these and try coconut flakes mixed in some coconut oil and a bit of cream for the topping!

  18. Pooey says

    "You're going to love my buns…" ?

  19. Mae Jee Desendario says

    "Who's your daddy?"

    Im cackling!

  20. Teresa Punshon says

    Jenny is an inspiration. I made the cinnamon buns today and let me say that how she described them is how they are. What a treat! Next time I’m doubling the recipe. They disappeared as soon as I put them on the table. You are truly special Jenny. Thank you.

  21. Nikki Naicker says

    "Who's your daddy?" ???

  22. Awap says

    Can I sub the egg?

  23. Jim Tongas says

    Jenny, yes I want to come right over and grab one of your buns! LOL, still as pretty as when you were on your TV show. Love your vides and your surprising sense of humor. I have used several of them. LOVE, the chocolate pudding! Also, love that you get to the point and don't waste time with needless BS talk.

  24. Ally says

    What is the calories per bun?

  25. Animus VZW says

    This recipe for buns is absolutely fantastic ! I am from Belgium and love all sweets. I was always looking for these buns in the USA but they were always oversugary and terribly fattening. The buns are light, low calorie and delicious in every aspect. I want to keep slim and still have a gourmet life. This fits perfectly in my program . I will try more recipes with your knowledge , especially soft chocolate chip cookies with Belgian chocolate of course 🙂
    Also the use of dental floss wire is a super idea ! Waaw bravo Jenny. You make our life a tasty sunshine in this corona period:)

  26. S H says

    I would disagree with your belief that Canola oil is better health wise than butter.

  27. shadale martin says

    Do u make cheesecakes? I would love to see u make a cheese cake

  28. Wadeeah Fisher says

    Made this today and it came out perfect. The family enjoyed it.

  29. CarolAnn says

    I can't blame people for baking but I cant eat regular bread because of the ingredients in them so I have to rely on bread flour and self rising and yeast to make my own. I have been doing that since 2014. Now I can not find flour in 5 difference grocery stores here in several months so I am doing without bread because every one is deciding to start baking. I talked to several girls and they said that they are baking because they have to stay home because of the virus and have never baked before.The managers I spoke with said as soon as flour is on the shelf its gone. Please be considerate of people like me who cant eat store breads. I'm not the only one out there who bakes because of necessity of health issues.

  30. ruth doyle says

    I made these buns yesterday afternoon there are just 2 of us and the last bun was eaten this morning irresistible. I'm making them again for tomorrow. No I don't feel guilty.

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