egg fried cheese toast 2,500KRW / korean street food


김포공항 근처에 가면 먹을수 있는 빵그리 토스트
여긴 토스트에 계란 후라이가도 들어가 있습니다.
사장님이 토스트만 22년 구웠다고 하시네요.

영업시간은 오후3시~ 새벽1시까지



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  1. theuncanspan says

    what's that brown powder he spread on top is that heroin?

  2. Yasmine Muhammad and My life says

    My dad: drooling
    My dad: ok kids after Corona were goin to Korea
    My dad: kiddo wake up WAKE UP
    Me: wakes up, we goin to Korea
    Dad: no
    Dad:you had one of those dreams about Korean food again
    Me: umm maybe…..

  3. Matt M says

    The grills temp is lower than my IQ

  4. Việt Nam - Kid says

    very good

  5. لمياه رقنقم says

    اناعلى لقاء

  6. Healing Music Lab힐링음악연구소 says


  7. Elevated Sol- says

    I'm hungry ???

  8. Pooh says

    It's been 6 months since I had my favourite fast food. 2 months it was because of high school exams rest 4 months due to lockdown. Meanwhile these youtube recommendations
    Me: Don't do that . Don't give me hope.


    Please visit ya guys, hopefully my place can inspire ideas that can be useful and be a blessing for everyone

    Silahkan berkunjung ya guys semoga ditempat saya bs memberikan inspirasi ide yg bs bermanfaat dan menjadi berkah buat semua orang

  10. Street Food اكلات الشوراع حول العالم says

    Food street Abound the world ..اكلات الشوارع حول العالم اتشرف بحضرتكم في قناتي ??

  11. مالك لايسكو says


  12. Street Food اكلات الشوراع حول العالم says

    Food Street Around the world…
    اكلات الشوارع حول العالم اتشرف بحضرتكم في قناتي.??

  13. forsenE says

    what is it she smears on at 5:36? Sugar???

  14. 김진영 says

    학교 나 직장에서 급한 경우에는 아침 식사가 될 것입니다.

  15. MINJU민주 says

    어디 팔라야…

  16. S. Pak says

    Gonna have to take an extra cholesterol pill eating one of these.

  17. Yutong Shen says

    I love me some toasted bread I’ll take 10

  18. Jason McLaughlin says

    What kind of meat is that cause it's not ham

  19. PUBHEAD says

    Is that cabbage and carrot mixed in the egg?

  20. Cindy BUCHANAN says

    I think this looks so good

  21. FastWart says

    guy: casually makes a toast

    20m people: intresting

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