Elias Pettersson Playing Bubble Basketball


Basketball, but make it fashion. Elias Pettersson is staying loose in the bubble by working on his jumper.

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  1. Mathias Karlsson says

    Shoots lefthanded with the basketball?‍♂️. And he shoots left with the hockey stick?

  2. DrBoothy says

    pettersson for raptors

  3. Cameron R. says

    Elias Petterson = Basketball Guy

  4. Andy Traslin says

    Right on.

  5. Fun With Memes says

    0:36 I can see why Petey likes Steph Curry, he plays hockey just like Steph plays basketball. He's really fast and he's a great playmaker, but the best part of his game is his shooting talents

  6. Dana Top Team says

    Petey looking thicc strong

  7. siy1414 says

    Sweet sun hat. He must burn easily.

  8. Harrison Sparrow says

    i think all the Canucks should try changing to basketball after that L to the Jets?? #justsaying

  9. BattleModeBainbridge says

    Easily my favorite player 🙂

  10. Jeremy Lee says

    All superb straight shots, but what about corner 3's?

  11. Jonny Nerot says

    Du är grym mannen!

    Kämpa, kämpa!

  12. Craig ᐅᔭᐦᐃᓯᐤ says

    Lefty. That explains a lot.

  13. B Franklin says

    A star is bjorn

  14. Cubertral says

    That beard tho.


    Whats the point of wearing a mask outside?

  16. Rhidgy Rhidge says

    Lol masks

  17. msanto says

    He's totally trolling us. Like it's not just me right? You hear that Swedish sarcasm seeping through his grin.

  18. Dan QuarterMan says

    Wicked shirt, bud. 😀 lol

  19. Noam Levy says

    Eyyy Petey

  20. MrKillakush87 says

    Hella cringe

  21. Abben Salacup says

    Vancouver Grizzlies are coming back????

  22. EmpireWorldwideTrade says

    Hypebeast Prada Bucket Hat

  23. Dankius Memeius Maximus the Third says

    Look at the top of his head

  24. Shockwave says

    Petey lookin like steph curry

  25. Daniels Preiss says

    song please?

  26. john johnnston says

    Not a fan of the mask, not that the specific mask is wrong, just the fact that you are abiding by the satanic deep states attempt at control over us and this bullshit plandemic.

  27. Bluffer says

    What can't he do?

  28. アレックス says

    Looks like he's been working out, gain some muscles seems like

  29. Fake Tux says

    Bro he need to be on the Vancouver grizzled

  30. Hans Jakobsen says

    Where's the vlogs

  31. E says

    ? ?

  32. E says

    Petey balling

  33. Brandon says


  34. Midi Music Forever says

    Taco Tuesday tho? Elias, you have lost your Swedish connection!

    (For those who don't know, in Sweden, Tacos are a staple Friday evening dish)

  35. Midi Music Forever says

    Makes sense for a sniper with a small body size to be a fan of Curry. 🙂

  36. Michael Casimer says

    Love the bucket hat.

  37. Johan Swede says

    Is he left handed?

  38. Bik-E J says

    Swedish dude plays ball, watches Steph Curry and loves tacos….Yupp, Alien confirmed.

  39. Darkenmal says

    Why would you wear a mask in a bubble? lmao

  40. BRDA1992 says

    CRINGE music… ?

  41. RetroBlue says

    he should be in 20k21.

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