Every Super Nintendo American Football Game – SNESdrunk


Games covered:

[0:28] ABC Monday Night Football
[0:56] Bill Walsh College Football
[1:51] College Football USA ’97
[2:19] Capcom’s MVP Football
[2:52] Emmitt Smith Football
[3:21] ESPN Sunday Night NFL
[3:46] Football Fury
[4:13] Madden series (’92 through ’98)
[5:26] NCAA Football
[5:51] NFL Football
[6:10] NFL Quarterback Club series (’95 and ’96)
[7:06] Pro Quarterback
[7:23] Sterling Sharpe: End 2 End
[8:00] Super High Impact
[8:33] Super Play Action Football
[9:17] Tecmo Super Bowl series (I, II and III)
[10:07] Troy Aikman NFL Football

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  1. Last Mohican says

    Thank you again Mr. Drunk.

  2. BOODRO WEBB says

    Super High Impact=NFL Blitz…

  3. Charlie Sleeseman says

    I loved Madden 93 on Sega Genesis

  4. TheRmm1976 says

    Tecmo Super Bowl as you said was very similar to the NES game, but not quite as polished even though the graphics were "updated." Tecmo Super Bowl II was a completely different game engine and was also a limited release. Tecmo Super Bowl III was the same engine as TSB II (a 3d sprite type engine rather than the original) and as you said the most polished. But, most fans of Tecmo Bowl agree that Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES is far and away the best of the entire series. *PS– there was also a PSX version of the game that was entirely different than all the rest and complete trash!!

  5. Jason Newman says

    Stopped watching when this dimbulb said, "No one remembers who Sterling Sharpe was" He must be like 15 years old.

  6. herogibson says

    sterling sharpe? who dat?

  7. bubba pacha says

    sterling sharpe was a helluva receiver that without his injury wouldve had a better career than his brother shannon. BOTH would be in the hof now. i also had his jersey.

  8. Rudy Salas says

    What's the theme at the beginning & end of the video? I'm stumped trying to remember which game it's from.

  9. Sh Wh says

    Sterling Sharpe was a beast. I love your reviews, but you’re way off on Sterling.

  10. Brian Isaac says

    Madden ambulance is classic, kills players to pick up a guy with a sprained ankle.

  11. svanablak says

    what a way to insult sterling sharpe!

  12. Shen Agüeybaná II says

    No monster football

  13. R Stallworth says

    I liked super play action football. Dont know why…

  14. Stoozdee says

    Terry Allen, y’all. Two rebuilt knees.

  15. chris77jay77 says

    Haha man I had NCAA Football and loved it. Was awesome to hear the music for it again!

  16. Courtney Gillespie says

    Emmett Smith could run 90 yards everytime haha

  17. Rudy De Leon says

    Tecno is the only good one. Loved that fame

  18. thomas tran says


  19. Brennan Huff says

    I played Troy Aikman football religiously. It’s trash by today’s standards, but as a 12 yr old in the 90s that couldn’t afford new games, it was extremely fun.

  20. SaSpursfan says

    sooo madden still has the same problems 30 years later

  21. Tyler Sims says

    Im subscribed just becoz you had the grace to put the ad at the end.
    I fuggin respect that.
    Thats proper hustle kids, thats how you do it with honor and consideration, for us.


  22. Daniel Howlind says

    Loved the Tecmo Bowl series, sooooo many great times with friends on that game.

  23. BeardedBetts says

    Haven't played the SNES version, but Tecmo Super Bowl for NES is one of my favorites of all time.

  24. VanillaLimeCoke says

    Super Play Action Football was interesting.
    You could actually create your own team’s jerseys.
    Gameplay was odd: I always seemed to get intercepted if I threw a pass in the middle of the field, but would be fine if I threw it along the sidelines.
    I really wouldn’t knock the game that much.

  25. Nehemiah Pouncey says

    Tecmo an ea were the only
    One's that got football right.

  26. Nehemiah Pouncey says

    Visual concepts the same guy's
    That brought you wwe 2k20

  27. Nehemiah Pouncey says

    Why does it seems Everytime
    A sports star get's a game it's

  28. Nehemiah Pouncey says

    Give game companies credit they

  29. Nehemiah Pouncey says

    They had the nerve to have
    A Gatorade sponsor on that pile
    Of crap.

  30. Love all the Tecmo Bowls!!!

  31. Jorge Ortiz says

    Vikings fan skol

  32. Brian W says

    I remember NFL football it was to easy for me I ran the scores up past 100 points

  33. Smoov77 says

    Tecmo Superbowl Bowl,period. No other snes football game matters.

  34. Sequence77 says

    Sterling Sharpe was an amazing talent. If not for a next injury, he'd be in the HoF. His brother, Shannon, is a HoFer.

  35. Jessie Ray Keaton says

    I see ur playing as Team Africa.

    My personal main in Super High Impact.

    Best D is Yo Momma.

  36. Derek Hall says

    bill walsh 95 is the best college football game on genesis

  37. Steven Umana says

    WHAT!!!!! No one knows who Sterling Sharpe was?! WHATTTTT!!!!! I'm starting to think you're a Vikings fan…

  38. Chris Khaos says

    "nobody remembers who Sterling sharpe was" 96 champs disagree with you.

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