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This took a really, really long time to put together. I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not exactly a soccer aficionado, but I did the best I could. I hope you enjoy the video.

[0:50] 90 Minutes: European Prime Goal (PAL and JP only, part of the SFC series J.League Prime Goal)
[1:30] Battle Soccer series (Battle Soccer Field no Hasha, Battle Soccer 2) (JP only)
[1:59] Capcom’s Soccer Shootout
[2:47] Captain Tsubasa series (Captain Tsubasa 3, Captain Tsubasa IV: Pro No Rival Tachi, Captain Tsubasa V: Hasha no Shougou Campione, Aoki Densetsu Shoot!, Captain Tsubasa J) (JP only)
[3:25] Champions World Class Soccer
[3:50] Dino Dini’s Soccer (PAL only)
[4:27] Dolucky’s A-League Soccer
[4:50] Elite Soccer (PAL title World Cup Striker)
[5:06] FIFA series (4 games)
[5:51] Goal! (Super Goal in PAL, Super Cup Soccer in JP)
[6:10] Super Goal! 2 (Takeda Nobuhiro no Super Cup Soccer in JP, sequel Takeda Nobuhiro no Super League Soccer)
[6:30] Head-On Soccer (Fever Pitch Soccer in EU, Mario Basler: Jetzt geht’s Los! in Germany)
[6:59] International Superstar Soccer (and Deluxe)
[7:56] Kevin Keegan’s Player Manager (PAL only) (KH Rummenigge’s Player Manager in Germany)
[8:31] Kick Off (PAL and JP only) (Super Kick off in JP)
[9:13] Kick Off 3 (PAL only)
[9:30] Manchester United Championship Soccer (PAL only) (Lothar Matthäus Super Soccer in Germany)
[10:09] Mega Man Soccer
[10:45] Pele!
[10:59] Sensible Soccer (as “International Sensible Soccer – World Champions: Limited Edition,” PAL only)
[10:59] Sensible Soccer: European Champions (Championship Soccer ’94 in US)
[11:58] Shijou Saikyou League Serie A: Ace Striker (JP only)
[12:30] Super Soccer (Super Formation Soccer in JP)
[12:52] Super Formation Soccer series (5 games) (JP only)
[13:03] Super Soccer Champ 1-2 (Euro Football Champ in EU, Hat Trick Hero in JP, Hat Trick Hero 2 in JP)
[13:39] Tactical Soccer (JP only)
[14:10] Tony Meola’s Sidekicks Soccer (World Soccer in EU, Super Copa in SA, Ramos Ruy no World Wide Soccer in JP)
[14:51] Ultra League: Moero! Soccer Daikessen!! (JP only)
[15:14] Virtual Soccer (PAL only, J.League Super Soccer in JP, sequels J.League Super Soccer ’95 Jikkyou Stadium, J.League ’96 Dream Stadium)
[15:42] World Cup USA 94
[16:13] World League Soccer (Pro Soccer in JP)
[16:27] World Soccer ’94: Road to Glory (Striker in EU, Eric Cantona Football Challenge in FR)
[17:11] Zenkoku Koukou Soccer 1-2, 96 (JP only)
[17:32] Zico Soccer (JP only)

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  1. Armando Gonzalez says

    In Colombia, International Super Star Soccer was the only game that mattered.

  2. Luis Urea says

    Almost all football games SNES sucked a lot. However, Super Soccer is one of my all time favourites, specially played with friends.

  3. Eduardo Westphal says

    You missed striker

  4. May Angeldust says

    American Football should actually be called American Rugby ?‍♂️

  5. João Caetano da Silva Marinho says

    16:28 Wow. I've been looking for this one for years!! thx ?!!

  6. Luis Vega says

    Ronaldinho Soccer

  7. john m says

    I remember playing striker world cup and i won a game against a friend 56-55

  8. Midtoker Marius says

    My international superstar soccer of choice is international superstar soccer 98 on N64… I still play it today when I get a chance

  9. Midtoker Marius says

    Just saying Norway was the number 2 ranked national team from 92 to 95 so they where probably not the worst team in these games

  10. Andy McFarlane says

    For someone who isn't into football you made a very good video. Couple of pronunciation hiccups…. But I'll let you away with it! ?
    Keep up the good work ?

  11. makgargos says

    It's always fun to hear English persons speak German words, but you tried hard.
    So here is a "pronunciation":
    Mario Basler – "a" like in "hard"
    Jetzt geht's los – Yetst gates los. (In English it seems you don't have "normal" vowals like in "have". Most times there are to vowals: Just the letter "A" is no "e", it is "ey" and "O" is "ou")
    KH Rummenigge: Ka Ha Rummenigga. Don't (dount) silence out the vowals.
    Lothar Matthäus: Lotar (almost correct but th ist just t) und ä is "a" like "a book": Mutt ä oos

  12. durenatu says


  13. RenegaDoom Games says

    Hi Snesdrunk!

    I'm from Brazil and this is my top 5:
    1-ISS Deluxe

    2-super soccer

    3-FIFA 97

    4-capcom soccer shootout

    5-hat trick hero

  14. Soulvale 88 says

    I must agree to disagree with your opinion of mega man soccer, this may be though that me and my cousin where both huge mega man fans and as kids always wished there was a way to play co op on mega man X X2 and X3 as well as my cousin liking sports games so when we found this game was co op we straight mastered it. The campaign is great fun and once you make it to the the equivalent of dr wily’s castle and face those guys it gets REAL. Learning to perform a perfect cross to your co op partner to break the goalies ankles before making a goal will always be satisfying. Also using your teams special power shot (you get 2 charges per match) to make a shot with your friggin goalie is also just stupid in the best kind of way! Maybe a co op partner is required for this one. It wouldn’t be the only game that is only fun on co op.

  15. Richard Kelbe says

    Memories right here

  16. Mariano Lopez-Su says

    Columbia…..really?, Columbia? COLUMBIA? they didn't check that?

  17. Juanda Galindo says

    That Dino dini's soccer is exactly like the soccer game on the Nokia mobile. The very little Nokia

  18. willster947 says

    Indeed ISS was the best however, the one I lost enjoyed was fever pitch! Absolute fun fun fun!! That fireball shot or banana shot!!

  19. Palace of Eternia says

    Soccer shootout rules

  20. Padraic 7 says

    You didn't miss much with Pele Soccer. It's crap.

    International Superstar Soccer Deluxe is by far the best game. A shocking password system, but a great game.

  21. Ryan G. says

    Relatively Accurate Soccer Deluxe is good too.

  22. Ronin says

    As a kid, I played the crap outta Mega Man Soccer. I can see why lol

  23. vaguito says

    es raro ver a un estadounidense hablar de futbol … god gob

  24. LLR 'Lazy Lebanese Reviewer' 80 says

    for what it's worth, SEIBU CUP SOCCER is still by far, the best soccer game ever made, shame it never had a home release.

  25. maximuscesar says

    Taking your shirt off is actually a foul who results in a yellow card (if you get two cards you are out of the game). Anyway, International Superstar Soccer is the only series that matters, forget about any other soccer game on 16 bit systems.

  26. Chairman Meow says

    I dont care what anyone says, Mega Man Soccer was FUN!!

  27. Simon Burnett says

    Agree with everyone that ISSD is best but have a soft spot for Striker. Growing up with PAL, I think even WC Striker was pretty good… Was a bit slower I think. I loved sensible soccer but never had it for the SNES, had it on the Master System and thought it was amazing

  28. craigratio says

    Wait. You missed out Striker completely? It’s one of the best.

  29. craigratio says

    ISS was the best one but I have a soft spot for Striker.

  30. Andres Ramirez says

    You will never understand how many hours I spent playing with my friends or by myself international Superstar Soccer. I mean, after school you go to your friends house or they come to yours and the most important thing to do was to play ISS in the SNES. Bro, this game was a dream to play it.

  31. Intrinseque says

    You mean football?

  32. Wir knien nicht! - We do not kneel! says

    The problem I have with ISS is that it is not worth playing on SNES since it is way better on N64.
    While Super Formation Soccer is the last soccer series that Human Entertainment made. So this is the best and unique soccer series on SNES. And the mode 7 use is just awesome!
    Super Soccer > ISS on SNES

  33. holyshitwrestling says

    ISS Deluxe in South America has many hack versions with local teams, the most famous hack is Futbol Brasileiro '96

  34. andrew graham says

    The only football games that I played on the SNES was the International Superstar Soccer games and Sensible Soccer games. Yes, FIF A was better on the Mega Drive.

  35. Jonathan Clarke says

    Love your pronunciation

  36. Erivando Andrade says

    J.League '96 Dream Stadium is missing! The best graphics imo.

  37. crazyli says

    Mega Man Soccer was amazing. I actually played it many times with friends.

  38. Duff Duffington says

    5:50 Why are the players wearing lederhosen in "Goal!"? As a sports uniform, it seems a bit unconventional.

  39. apk19 says

    I remember playing FIFA International Soccer so much as a kid, but on PC mostly.

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