After playing college soccer for 4 season (2 in the NCAA, 2 in the NAIA) I have a good understanding of whether dedicating 4 years of your life to school and soccer is worth your time. This video is in no way, shape or form bashing college soccer. Deciding to play college soccer was one of the greatest choices of my life. The sole purpose of this video is to help you gain a better understanding of what university football is like in America.

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  1. KENG says

    If you have self-control you will be fine in college.

  2. KENG says

    22 is still SOOOO young. You have so much more time after 22 to do whatever with your life. REMEMBER just because you don't need a degree to do certain things doesn't mean you shouldn't get one. Get your education out the way while you're young because no one can take away your knowledge. Even if you decide to chase pro have a plan B just in case you get injured or things don't work out the way you wanted because when you have a degree you can branch out and you stand a better chance than those who do not.

  3. KENG says

    Sheesh, way to bash college. I hope all of you realize Spencer is talking to us possessing a college degree. I don't know what is up with our generation undermining the privilege of higher education. Although college is unfairly expensive I think we need to realize we are privileged to live in a country where quality education is accessible and there are even ways to get it for free based on merit and athletics. It is true there are many ways to make up to 6 figures and more in the US without a college degree, but many of those pathways are uphill battles that will be draining in so many aspects with no guarantees. You want to be able to have that knowledge and prestige that comes with being a college graduate because not everyone has the ability to pop on youtube etc. Get your education while you're young and those other methods can be your plan B. There are too many young people (especially minority individuals) going around without a college degree which prohibits us from making much change.

  4. Christopher Pero says

    So you went to several colleges… did you ever finish with an actual degree in anything?

  5. Edgar Quinoy Garcia says

    But when you retire you don’t have a job


    Man, great video. I have a soccer channel with my 13yr old son. The goal to keep moving up levels as he progresses through different levels of soccer. Thanks for the advice and check us out https://bit.ly/3fyW4Ce

  7. Atupele Mussa-Gama says

    Make a video explaining the college soccer system

  8. Francisco Guevara says

    Id like to get a review on IMG academy. I went there tried really hard to get a scholarship also. But I didn't get it, later in life I learnt some concepts that I think have made me a much better player and more like what they where looking for, but that's beside the point. What was it like, and was it worth it?

  9. Drake Hampton says

    Honestly, I want to know because I am curious. I am seeing lots of people saying how the USA is not a good place to play soccer because of how bad it is. Now, i do understand that the MLS draft is stupid and meaningless unless you are the top 10. So, I am curious to know, what do people in, say, Europe go along with their soccer carrer? Is it that there is more teams and opportunity or is it that there may be more camps to go to? I just want to see how Europe is more efficient than playing in the USA. Thank you!

  10. Alix Sthilaire says

    These are some good advices…I gotta watch every vid on this channel

  11. Floyd Miller says

    Well done S! Best of luck !

  12. Carlos Redondo says

    Isn't it that most of college soccer athletes use soccer as a means to graduate at a college of their choice and obtain a degree rather than become pro?

  13. Adam Gonzalezz says

    Helpful vid

  14. ohcrapitsmrG says

    How old is this guy? He sounds like a grizzled man but he graduate college in 2018. Take his advice with a grain of salt. You don't see the results of your efforts until 10 to 20 years.

  15. ohcrapitsmrG says

    It depends on your actual experience and if you are able to win advocate along the way. Being a C or D student in college is pointless but if you don't have any set and you can see the benefit of mentor – go to school and develop a marketable skill.

  16. Martin Bidipbo says

    Unfortunately, the MLS, like other pro sports in the US, place enormous emphasis on the university system; they rely heavily on the draft. This is the measure by which the leagues determine a player's worthiness to make the type of money associated with being a professional athlete — that's it. It is a hustle that they want every athlete to participate in, because the powers that be possess sour grapes that a young athlete can make more money in a year, than most middle class uni graduates make in a lifetime. This is also the reason employers want to hire graduates, because it demonstrates that a candidate is able to envision a goal, enter into and complete the long term demand of a degree. In short, it demonstrates discipline. This is the same requirement we see in professional sports in the US — owners want assurances that their young talent also possess the discipline to play the game of academic life. Every time a player foregoes university to enter into the draft, it is seen as an outlier that is sidestepping 'the rules'. But, in reality, nowhere else in the world do we see talented athletes put through the university process to become successful professional sportsmen.

    Of course, MLS salaries are much lower than anywhere else in the football world — so why the emphasis on the college draft? As I said, it's sour grapes. People without the knowledge and experience of being an athlete — but who run these organisations — want to maintain barriers to success for those young people that are talented and experienced athletes.

    Everyone knows that for the US to be competitive in the world of football — the LAST thing a young player should be doing is wasting his prime in the NCAA. At this time, and for the foreseeable future, college soccer seems to be the only reasonable means of developing young talent with a semblance of competitiveness, because we lack the market for a multi-tiered system of leagues with heritage, with a strong supporter/ fan base to finance it and supply the juggernaut of a premier league. The real loss for the US, as a footballing nation, is that the best players in the country are immigrants that spend their days working construction, or in the nation's kitchens and warehouses, working blue collar jobs. These folks will never be scouted.

  17. Jay Dunsing says


  18. Justin Nguyen says

    I agree with everything besides the degree part. If you’re not trying to go professional in soccer via academy and ODP then college soccer is the best route if you just want a degree and get some money off schooling by playing soccer. That’s why I did. My dream was always playing professionally but I knew by 17 that I wasn’t making it. Since I couldn’t break past regional ODP. Don’t get me wrong I had a hell of a youth career. 2 state cup championships. Regional ODP team. But by 17 years old I knew that since I wasn’t at the National team level I wasn’t going professional. Maybe indoor or USL professionally. Which I’ve had multiple teammates from my youth team go onto have careers in. But for me at 17 I talked to my dad and said I’m not going pro so I’m going to play college soccer to help pay for school. Got my degree and only had 27k in debt after 4 years. I now make 75k ish and still play on indoor and outdoor men’s leagues teams. I think all academy teams should have coach’s talk to 16 to 18 years olds to gauge where they’re at skill wise to make it professional or not. If I didn’t have my dad talk to me at 17 I would have kept pushing and pushing to make it pro. I wanted to ink a contract ever since I was a young kid but I didn’t have the skill to make it. Who knows I might have made it pro in indoor or NSL but my dad told me how much those players get paid. Next to nothing! Kids to have this talk at 16 to 18 in America if they play soccer.

  19. Snook On the fly says

    In my high school age I got the chance to go play in Germany. After experiencing the training their (not just the physical training on the field, but the entire structure as well), I realized how far behind we are in American soccer. Once I got back home to my team, I was being told to ease up. I told everyone I’ve seen the light. They needed to step up

  20. Know 1squarter says

    It’s simple, the recruiting and the system, it’s stupid.
    Horrible choppy MLS style players. Most players are pro by the time they are 18 in other countries.

  21. MrMarckeedee says

    Not always true about doing one thing or mastering one craft. That is a great way to be out of work or have NO skill once the economy or technology changes or a sector of the economy goes belly up. Ask my friends who were oil/gas workers and land-men who lost jobs in the past decade and have no other skills or knowledge base to find new careers.

  22. Luis Dominguez says

    Good job dude

  23. NT 767 says

    Man, 20 games per year, training only for a tiny amount of the year, from 18 to 22 years old (? or is it 16 to 20?)… It's no wonder the USA would not be able to produce footballers through local football. That is hardly enough competition time and training for a youngster to develop!

  24. Frank rios says

    There's so much info I couldn't stop watching, definitely subscriping

  25. imateapot51 says

    After my parents died I had to clean out their house/files. I saw what my father was making as a county engineer and he put 3 kids through private colleges. This was in the late 70s. Tuition then was not ridiculous. What happened? If you could not get out of a student loan because things did not work out then you could just declare bankruptcy and just have a bad credit rating for the next 7 years. Now you are totally hosed. Congress is controlled by lobbyist. There was no student lobbyist to keep things the way they were 40 years ago. I played D1 soccer and had no intentions of playing pro because there were no pro leagues. I played a scrimmage against the US National team and gave 3 players a ride to their motel after the game. They were talking about what to do for a living with the NASL not coming back. I was working in software and doing quite well and thought glad I was not that good at soccer as them. Unfortunately there were no lobbyist for programmers and corporations imported programmers using H1B visas or just exported the jobs overseas. I wish my grandparents never came here from Ireland. Our country flat out sucks now.

  26. oliviamarianne8 says

    the point of the ncaa is to ensure that a student gets an education. There are limitations to ensure that the focus is on getting a degree. Your are a student-athlete not an athlete who is also a student. Most of those that play sports in college, even D1 sports are not going to be playing at the next level. The degree is what they are going to get out of there four years at school. Football will not be first becuase they are student first.

  27. Ken Takahashi says

    I have one question. Can I Play D1 Soccer, if I am not at a Professional Academy?

  28. Alejandro Hernandez says

    It also depends on what degree you get, if you go to college for free and get a degree on engineering then it’s well worth it but if you get a degree in the arts it’s a waste, since there’s no job opportunities, and pay isn’t good.

  29. Alejandro Hernandez says

    I want to play college soccer, I want that free degree but if teams/nations start calling ill play pro.

  30. 갓스포츠 says

    If you want to play pro – soccer at the highest lvl you need to go to Europe like Spain,Croatia,Netherlands,Germany,England, Scotland etc ..You might not make it to the top 1 Division right away but in Europe 2~4 division is always looking for players and host open tryouts or invite player to see what they got.
    You just inbox them tell them who you are and you'll here back from them! It's not that difficult to get a tryout or get invited to club training session
    in Europe you just gotta knock on their door! Younger the better so do it when your young!! one more thing..don't go to college if you want to sign a pro contract with top league soccer clubs! Instead grab your backpack and just go to Europe!! I bet you'll have much better outcome spending 4 yrs in Europe than 4 yrs of college. If you still didn't make it after 4years then you should just move on with your life..

  31. sl may says

    Thank you so much for this video. My son is a high school senior and soccer player. I've had so many conversations with other parents about what the boys are going to do after graduation. A few of the parents are considering 40K a year private schools because the soccer program reached out to their child. Personally, I think it's a bit of a rip off! My son's coach (British) has, in very few blunt words, made the same points you made in this video. My son has decided to go to Manchester UK for school (BTEC) and academy for what is half as much cost as college in the states. Besides, the only thing he knows for sure that he wants to do is to play soccer. He has no idea what he wants to study in college. His sister has student loan debt and no degree to show for it because she doesn't know what she wants to study. I feel like him doing what he actually wants to do is going to save money in the long run.

    Thank you again for the video. I am reassured.

  32. Joseangel Zapata says

    Crazy how I was just talkin about this like last week if u go to college ur gonna be in debt for life just for that little degree?‍♂️

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