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In partnership with Vox Media Studios and Vox, this enlightening explainer series will take viewers deep inside a wide range of culturally relevant topics, questions, and ideas. Each episode will explore current events and social trends pulled from the zeitgeist, touching topics across politics, science, history and pop culture — featuring interviews with some of the most authoritative experts in their respective fields.

In this episode: Cricket experts look at how the confusing sport became so popular and discuss its evolution in becoming more accessible, entertaining and profitable.

US Rating: TV-MA. This show is designed for for mature audiences only.

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Explained | Cricket | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

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  1. Ahmed says

    Cricket is so hard to explain but this was really well done. Good job Netflix!

  2. Charlie Boddington says

    this feel like explaining American football by explaining the halftime super bowl show….. only for this its for the IPL…

  3. Pasindu Kavishka says

    Good to see that have dedicated time to cricket lovers

  4. killz Lucky says

    It became popular coz English doesn't win their own game at their own turf before 2019

  5. siddharth bhimnath says

    Hum sab gully cricket khelke bade hohe hai aise chindi explainations nahi hona hame???

  6. S Manju says

    India have so much advantage leaders just use it and earn money.. grow faster

  7. S Manju says

    All formats india only took advantage..and made money lot

  8. Dipak pant says

    Don't get surprised they don't mention five times worldcup winner coz after all they are son and grandsons of English man.

  9. Arabian Gamer says

    This is a bad documentary
    such an old way of presenting
    these guys shouldve consulted hasan minhaj or something

  10. Rich Kidz says

    T 20 was started in the caribbean by alan stanford

  11. Yasir Arabzai says

    I'm scared of this T10 league, IDK maybe someday ICC will host a T10 Cricket.
    The future is undetermined.

  12. L42 Nosnibor says

    Barely a mention of Australia or World Series cricket?

  13. Anthony Kist says

    Firm disagree on that guy whose name I didnt catch but Lords is and always will be the true home of Cricket. Symbolic my ass. Cricket hasn't and never will shift. It always has been and always will be an English sport with England being the heart of the sport

  14. Anthony Kist says

    why did they have an american be the narrator…..
    Cricket really isn't that complicated so idk why they claim it to be the most confusing sports in the world

  15. EIYPO says

    So Australia has won five World Cups – including a three back-to-back – to India and West Indies two apiece, is currently ranked #1 in Test and T20 by the ICC, and is also ranked #1 for women's T20 and ODIs, but we didn't even rate a mention? Sure, Jan ?

  16. jsse says

    I like how they explain eveything on the Windies, India and England but the team that won 3 world cups (5 now) in a row isn’t anything, they completely ignored Australia

  17. Sheikh Redwan Ahmed says

    keep this Explained videos coming enjoy every single one of it!!!

  18. Juliush Mushahary says

    Vox is too cool

  19. Mushif Ali Nawaz says

    There is a mistake at 03:25 that after each over bowling end is changed. But in this video, it's shown that the next bowler continues from the same end?

  20. Edin Santacruz says

    Sport boring ???

  21. Soft Girl says

    I'm here only to understand wtf Douglas Adams is talking about

  22. Soft Girl says

    This feels just like baseball with extra steps

  23. kal el says

    Just goose bumps Misbah wicked in first T20 WC final.

  24. Krokitongs says

    3:05 close call

  25. Sandip Sajwan says

    No one treats cricket like a movie. Cricket has its own charisma.

  26. KeeperOfWickets says

    9 ways to be dismissed. Retired is not 'out', and does not contribute to a batsman's average calculation. It does, if the retired batsman doesn't return (some retire hurt and return later in the innings), influence the conclusion of the innings (i.e. only 9 wickets may be required if a retired hurt batsman cannot return).

  27. Be Happy says

    @ 5:37 that was 60 overs then….. not 50 overs

  28. Collin Wellington says

    bowling takes place from both ends one over after the next.

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