Explosiveness Workout For Soccer Players | Adama Traore Speed


To be a successful soccer player, you need to be explosive. Soccer requires speed, power, strength, technical skills and great conditioning. The following exercises should be a part of a soccer player’s program to help you become faster, stronger and more explosive like Adama Troure.

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  2. Prusi1995 says

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  3. bosco bosco says

    is there anyone who developed the speed?

  4. Hamza Omar says

    Where is Adama Traore, should we just expect to believe you that this is how he actually works out

  5. bosco bosco says

    Есть кто развил стартовую?

    is there anyone who developed the speed?

  6. sankar r says

    workouts doesn't grant you speed. its a choice only sprinters know. How fast can the guy in demo can run he looks stupid.. haha

  7. Premire songs says

    If Spain want to win euro 2021 they have to let him player for their country

  8. Tsepo Mnikina says

    I swear this man stays on Fast forward. ?

  9. Gaber says

    U a real one thank you

  10. jaswinder singh says
  11. Gobinda Tudu says

    Hi Hi

  12. tutti frutti says

    Do you have to do that every day?

  13. Alexis Martyn Vela says

    Should these be done before or after speed and agility training?

  14. KakNastroit com says

    Yes, you are right, such a player will definitely not have to move

  15. Florent Lacasse Running coach says

    Interesting vidéo ?

  16. Lasse Mortensen says

    As in rest 2 mins between sets or between exercises?

  17. Unitedwestand says

    Come to man united adama.

  18. Abhishek Panwar says

    Thankyou Soo much ❤️❤️

  19. malcolm_ag says

    So for the workouts every workout you do like you do 12 jumping lunges and you rest for 2 mins

  20. JuanFernando Gracia says

    Just tried this… I legs gave up after half of the training, I had to crawl back home lol

  21. Maxxian l says

    The first time i did it was kinda easy but the second time i did it my abs really really hurts when i jump why is that???

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