EXTREME Street Food in Pakistan – Super FAST + ANGRY Ninja BURGER – ULTIMATE Karachi BURGER Tour!!!


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Today, we (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) and Ali are bringing you in to Karachi, Pakistan for a FULL ON street food BURGERS tour!!! Karachi is world famous for street food, and today, Ali s bringing us for an INSANE 5 Pakistani street food BURGERS adventure! Karachi is one of the oldest and most bustling street food cities in Pakistan, giving you one of the RICHEST AND MOUTHWATERING street food scenes in the WORLD!! You need to travel to Pakistan to eat the street food!

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We’re going DEEP for TONS of FAMOUS Pakistan Street Food and BURGERS, including the famous CHAPLI KABABS and ANGRY BURGER!!

You will fall in love with the street food in Karachi as soon as you arrive! Today, we’re starting out with an UNSEEN FASTEST worker Burger in the world! You can watch the superhuman burger speed as the chefs make the burger!

After this, we’re going Foodrangin’ to find the ANGRY BURGER and more!!! And we’re finishing up with one of the BEST Chapli Kabab BURGERS in Karachi! One of the BEST Burgers to try is of course the Anday wala burger, which we’re bringing you to eat!!!

I hope you’re enjoying this big Pakistani street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!

There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!


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  1. The Food Ranger says

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We have a SURPRISE Pakistan Street Food Tour with our good buddy Ali!!! Follow along here!!! https://www.instagram.com/Alinhamdani and https://www.instagram.com/thefoodranger Make sure to watch all the way until the end and leave us a comment down below, thanks so much for watching!!!

  2. Aryan Bro says

    You know what makes me hungry at the 12:32 am this guys food commentery ?

  3. Wajahat Chishti says

    Sir plz … Mention the address in the caption ao that people can have access to these places… Love From Pakistan…

  4. alexander velasquez says

    All the people in the comments should go live in pakistan it looks so nice and great plus the food looks awesome.

  5. Mehndi designs by Rim says

    where is all the burgers location ? why you dont tag them ?

  6. Sanika Santhosh says

    This makes me so badly to visit Pakistan but I am an Indian I can't ? anyways love from India ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Satya Singh says

    Best thing about pakistani peoples- they are so humble and don't take any rupees
    Love from neighbour India❤️

  8. Void Viking says

    Why can't we be just one country again? I really wanna go to Pakistan someday. Love from India

  9. Gamer Blazer says

    Angry burgers

  10. Shahjahan khan says

    Dear people from all over the world we Pakistanis thanks you for your love and kind and beautiful comments..your words r very precious for us..Pakistan is open for all the beautiful tourist.

  11. sandeep roy says

    They r using bare hands so unhygienic

  12. Uciha Itachi says

    love Pakistan From Malaysia!

  13. Marc Paradis says

    What's the MEAT they put in the Burgers?

  14. Dribbillin2mucH says

    umm oh yea ummmmm wow ummmmm!

  15. Om Bhaskar Prajapati says

    I want to join your team. ???? TRIED TO PAY BUT FREE ???

  16. WAYAN ART says


  17. Faariah Food Diary says


  18. ReverseMovieTrailers says

    Free sweat and Diarhhea

  19. Mithun Ahmed says

    Love from Bangladesh

  20. Divakar Shrotriya says

    My veiw about Pakistan changed they are so good nice people love you Pakistani people from ??

  21. Sumit Kohli says

    Great gesture by the Pakistani people,love from india❤️

  22. Medopfe says

    Media plays with our Minds. Don't fall for that

  23. Ev geny says

    Чувак по наркотой походу слишком всех любит

  24. unubununubun says

    oohhh yeah
    mmmm yesssss
    mmmm so goood mmmm . I think im goin crazy. Wtf

  25. a w says


  26. Rashod Fernando says

    Awesome guyss ? ranger fans knows this well ?

  27. Shield Health and Safety says

    Try to Pay but FREE only in Pakistan
    Great Country and Great People

  28. Monjurul Imam Tonmoy says

    New currency:::tried to pay but free♥️♥️♥️ Love for Pakistan…I am From Bangladesh

  29. SarcInfo says

    Andeee(egg) walaaa burger ????

  30. Mr. Chowdhury says

    Is eating beef legal in India?

  31. My Yummy Food Secrets says


  32. Hanif Nabil says

    Now I'm hungry

  33. Sanjiv says

    Bach ke rehna . Terrorist tumhari maar lenge

  34. Pushan Mukherjee says

    That angry burger is called dabeli in Gujarat. Sind and Gujrat are neighboring states in the sub continent.

  35. Aiman Haikal says

    I hope one day i will go there and try all the food. Love from Malaysia ??

  36. Revisit With Sunil M says

    Paksitani people may be good – but u can observe one thing – it’s Karachi capital of Sindh – but everywhere sign boards are in Urdu not in Sindhi – these people hate with their own mother tongue – to show their love for Saudi Arabia – basic identity crises problem

  37. Ayush Raj says

    A street vendor refusing to take money is not done

  38. 1k subscribers without any video challenge says

    Pakistan people very nice ?????

  39. Jj Jj says
  40. FTL Exotica says

    Btw this video made me very hungry?

  41. SQUAD012 says

    I've work with some of the pakistan worker before and most of them are nice, hard-working people. Sure there are some of them that's bad (but honestly which country doesn't have a bad batch) but from what i have seen they have a politeness to their culture and those that embrace that are the true pakistani.

  42. Sham Ulhaq says

    Naan station??❤️❤️??

  43. Best Tutorials says

    i guess i can visit Pakistan with no money on my pockets atleast i will not starve.


    Salam to Pakistani brothers.
    Love from Bangladesh

  45. Ajay Prasd says

    Hello The Food Ranger, next visit to Pakistan, please try to get veg burger on karachi.

  46. jenny tibbs says

    Traveled to Pakistan on my gap year during university days.. i can confirm they are the friendliest people i ever met. miss it so much. love you Pakistan x.

  47. Sayedur Rahman says

    The only comment section where the Indians and Pakistanis don't fight?☺

  48. Bharti Behera says


  49. HABIB BIBAH says

    harry maguere

  50. ajith p says

    Wonderfull Neighbour’s we have who are tried to keep separated by politicians Love from India..

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