FAIR GAME: Megaman Soccer – Episode 001 – Skull Man!


Soccer, Megaman, terrible jokes, and Jaimas waxing philosophical. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. MercenaryCobra1 says

    Actually, you'd be mistaken. I've never played Megaman Soccer before and in fact… This is the first time I've watched someone playing it. Never been a huge sports buff, so it can take a lot to chase me into even just a partially-sports endowed game. Still, this seems like an interesting concept.
    As for which Classic character I'd enjoy seeing in this, if it were ever remade?… How about Rush? High speed, but low attack and defense. I believe him having the Rush Jet (a Bypass type as he flies faster over the field) or Rush Coil (a Disruptive type as he hits causes the ball to blast forward) Super Shot would work fine… I guess.

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