FaZe Jarvis – Fortnite Diss Track (Official Music Video Reaction)


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  1. David Cipipescu says

    Your a idiot u made jarvis baned,if u was a good brother u would stop him!

  2. BruhPierrePolnareff says

    Faze really said: Content for kids

  3. ELDRIK EJ LUBI says

    The diss track sucks it’s sounds like trash and the second is like hip hop so these diss track sucks

  4. Lewis Milton says

    We all know you still play fortnite

  5. Ellarwece Holmes says

    Wow they gonna talk trash when your banned but when you were they would have got CLAPPED!!!??????

  6. renagaid lazar says

    No one can make a diss track on jarvis I mean he did aimbot for content epic games please un ban jarvis I beg you jarvis if you read this I tried to get through to epic can I join I'm cracjed xd rapp is my epic they dont let Jarvis back

  7. Tote Medel says

    i am sad that jarvis is bennd

  8. gamingking max says

    At 212 did kay pass out

  9. frankie torres says

    Just want to say not talking trash just say it was kind of bad

  10. frankie torres says

    The second one was bad

  11. ΟΙ ΜΑΛΑΚΕΣ says

    That's actually insane

  12. Chronicle says

    8:28 I died laughing

  13. Keb Schlapper says

    Dude Jarvis Insane he should have sommer

  14. Keb Schlapper says


  15. Colton Schemel says

    It’s funny because when they finally got to Jarvis distrack that talked for like have the time and then Kay was like tell us which one was better in the comments

  16. Quix is a simp says

    And I thought urSALTY’s diss track was bad ?

  17. Marcrissa Gaming says

    6:10 hes freestyling off the dome bro

  18. Zakichan 99 says

    Bro i feel so bad that you are banned bro if i was banned i will not sleep for a week

  19. LOL Lover says

    When 8 year olds try to roast Jarvis the king of fortnite?

  20. EZG Anub1s says

    dat kid said javis

  21. Aikitedo says

    is it only me or did i cringe like crazy

  22. Fyncton Roblox says

    For everyone who is seeing this god has good plans for you ??❤

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