Female Soccer Star Says 'F*** YOU' To Trump


Megan Rapinoe is following Colin Kaepernick. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Rick Strom

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  1. Yancey Tarver says

    ​ @Tony R The '60s predate me as well. Something has GOT TO CHANGE, not for the worse, but for the better. As previously stated WE THE PEOPLE deserve better. Better leadership, better policies, and above all a leader not tethered to twitter. Black, White whatever this to me s not a racial issue but a human one, and until we as a race, as a country unify there will continue to be divided's. Until we as a race learn to see past a color (Black, White & Blue) discord will abound. And until we are secure in our own beds at night there will continue to be unrest in every neighborhood where minorities are the majority. Life does matter, however, the disparity in the incarnation rates of African- American males versus others who are guilty of the same crimes makes not for peace, but a declaration of war against a biased and unjust system which has and does systematically perpetrate the systemic eradication of a race, no different than the Nazies in WW2. I could go on, however, I do believe you get the point. Spreading hate does not make America great. Take care.

  2. Doll says

    It’s more disrespectful to wear a shirt with the flag on it then to kneel during the national anthem

  3. jleon grae says

    I am going to love the Debate POP corn any one

  4. Yancey Tarver says

    Cheeto Satan Sucks, can not wait till November. # NO MO CHEETO SATAN!!!

  5. Raymond Feaster says


  6. GOLD MOUTH says

    my first time hearing bout her nice ima have to look her up

  7. Gentle Rain says

    ONLY john halloran is stupid enough to say "reflect upon the liberties and freedom" while TAKING away her freedom to protest by locking her up in the locker room during the national anthem. john halloran only you could be that stupid.

  8. marc hanneman says

    CRIMINAL trump with his boy communist PUTIN. Now who doesn't respect our flag or our COUNTRY. TRAITOR trump

  9. frank Carolan says

    Apart from the fact that Megan is the greatest player of her generation, she is an outstanding role model as a person. When I say that she is the player of her era, I'm including Messi and Ronaldo. I've been watching the beautiful game since 1960, when Real Madrid beat Eintracht Frankfurt at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Since then, I've watched every World Cup Final , European Cup Final and Euro Cup Final. Watched the great Pele, Maradonna, Moore, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Best, Charlton, Law. Name them, I've watched them. Rapinoe has as much abililty as any of them and more than some of them.America's huge success in women's soccer is down to her greatness and I'm dreading her career coming to an end. As for trump just one word, asshole!!

  10. jleon grae says

    Let me see Joe Biden in office for 40 years racist exactly the Webster dictionary description for 40 years what is he done for minorities I know he likes children your son is a billionaire now thanks dada

  11. Len Harris says

    She must be a lesbian .

  12. jleon grae says

    yah so what are you going to say tuff shit your afraid to play that game weak mind

  13. Chullou HomeMedia says

    Disrespecting flag is disrespecting the dignity of country, not trump. Fry her in a pan.

  14. jleon grae says

    even if you don't like Your president we should not let anybody come from another country and put our president down

  15. gelacio arreola says

    That's right fuck you trump hope you die soon piece of shit

  16. Dale Boxsell says

    Like any respectable person is going to listen to someone who has cotton candy for hair.

  17. Micheal Taylor says

    This has helped open my eyes even more (if poss) as for how he's seen internationally he's seen as a joke. In Britain protests in London & all over UK on both of his visits, Europe's the same, we don't like Trump one iota. Get him out. Plz. Vote blue.

  18. jleon grae says

    Donald best president of modern times and of all countries did you know that other leaders from other countries envey Trump for how well he has done for this country great JOB TRUMP 2020

  19. Alan E says

    Trump is the ultimate moron! I distance myself from his supporters like I do COVID-19!

  20. Andrew John says

    People who get their panties in a wad over kneeling during the national anthem have completely missed the point. The brave men and women who fought and died for this country sacrificed themselves to protect our first amendment rights as much as for anything else. As Americans we have the right to protest injustices and those who are offended should re-examine their priorities.

  21. Patricia Beltran says

    I second you!! ??

  22. stephen harris says

    Fuck you Trump

  23. Herman Auer says

    DUMP Trump 2020… worst POTUS ever! America deserves better!!!

  24. Kathleen Cardin, CPM says

    Good on her for using her fame and her voice to speak out.

  25. vw R32 says


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